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Knight: Orc Assault not working

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  • Web Knight: Orc Assault not working

    I was trying to play Knight: Orc Assault, but after loading, there was just a black screen with the word 'EXCLUSIVE' written in pink text. I've been able to play this game many times before, but now this just happens. Yes, I've tried reloading the page several times. I use Chrome. This issue doesn't seem to happen with any other games, but I rarely play any other than SAS4, SAS3 and BTD5, so I can't be sure.
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    I would guess the problem stems from the fact that the sitelock isn't checking for it being on certain OK domains but instead is looking for a specific first bit of the url its loading from and it has been changed to load over https so that chrome is happy. I know NK doesn't like the direct SWF linked for games due to issues like updates not working right due to caching but this is a dead game. If you want it to load you'll have to open it in some other browser than chrome now because chrome is a bully now to flash media.
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