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    I downloaded Flash Player 31 from Adobe, which allows me to play swf files similar to how one might play original Nintendo Entertainment Games on the computer, and the game works great. It started working better once I found out how the change the quality from high to low (It's not right click in this emulator like it is on the Ninjakiwi website), however I am at round 127 and the game is running slowly. Anyone have any tips to speed it up? I did it this way so I wouldn't have to deal with ads or anything else that could affect game performance. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I followed most steps from this thread and got a little bit better speed up but not much. My computer specs are: Windows 10 latest version, HP 15 Notebook, Intel Celeron N3050 Processor, 4GB system memory (ram) and 500GB hard drive. Bloons TD 5 steam runs better at rounds this high and also has towers covering every square inch of the map like my current Bloons TD 4 setup on ocean road. Again, any help is greatly appreciated!