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  • Helpful Forum Resources and Guides

    This thread will index important things like guides and rulesets.
    [URL=""]Forum FAQ[/URL]
    [URL=""]Forum Rules[/URL]
    [URL=""]Old Ninjakiwi Forums[/URL]

    How to report a post

    If you see a post that you believe is breaking the rules, go ahead and flag it. We encourage users to do this because it makes our job easier, and stops public confrontations before they get too big.

    Step 1: Find the post. Just find the post and [URL=""]click the Flag button[/URL]
    Step 2: [URL=""]Fill out the report reason[/URL] in the white text box.
    Step 3: [URL=""]Send in the Report.[/URL] Then after that, a dialogue will tell you that the report has been sent. Click okay to exit the menu

    Ninjakiwi Staff and Volunteers List
    This is a list of all the people that work for Ninjakiwi, including volunteers such as the forum moderators. For now, we will only post those who have an account on the forums. As per the forum rules, remember to flag bad threads and posts. Also if you need anything done to a thread that's non-reportable such as thread moving or merging, then shoot us some private messages. Do not message admins about forum reports.

    Ninjakiwi Staff
    • [URL=""]Aaron[/URL]
    • [URL=""]Alanclelland[/URL]
    • [URL=""]Lachlan[/URL]
    • [URL=""]Rohan Sharpe Anforth[/URL]
    • [URL=""]Sam[/URL]
    • [URL=""]Tosh[/URL]

    Ninjakiwi Moderators
    • [URL=""]Chocolatepanda[/URL]
    • [URL=""]egogoyo[/URL]
    • [URL=""]Jason[/URL]
    • [URL=""]JoeyRainstorm[/URL]
    • [URL=""]Jony9001[/URL]
    • [URL=""]QuantumApocalypse[/URL]
    • [URL=""]SOUP[/URL]
    • [URL=""]Topper[/URL]

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