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  • Ninjakiwi Forum Rules

    We at Ninjakiwi strive to create a diverse community where anyone can discuss anything from Ninjakiwi's games to current world events. While we generally keep a hands off approach to moderation, we still have a few ground rules that are very simple to follow. If the admin or moderator(s) tell you to stop something, you will stop. However, if you disagree, you can privately message the admin or moderator and clearly explain to them why you think the behavior is appropriate. Feedback is important to us and the rules can be changed if it is appropriate.

    We expect everyone to have read this before posting. No ignorance is acceptable.

    If you have an urgent question but can't create a new thread, please use this linked thread or contact support.

    Inappropriate Content and Behavior

    Swearing - While the filter will block most swear words with *'s, we still maintain this community as a PG-13 forum. Evading the swear filters is a no-no. Excessive swearing even when blocked by the filter is also a no-no. We also reserve the right to punish people for using words not caught by filters.

    Media - Avatars, Signatures, Links and images on the forums should be also kept PG-13. If it's Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or Not Safe For Life, it is not allowed to be posted. Purposefully overly-flashy and colorful media is also not allowed. Generally we don't enforce size limits on signatures but if the signature's excessively large we will step in and warn the user.

    Bans, Disciplinary Actions, and User Conflicts - We would like to treat these topics as private matters. Posting about them publicly will not be allowed as they can create more conflict for the community. Arguments between users are okay and can be encouraged under the right circumstances, but don't post publicly about your problems with "User X" or someone you have personal problems with. Also talking about Bans and Disciplinary Action such as Warnings and Infractions are not allowed as they are a private matter.

    Spam - Do not spam! Spam includes short, useless responses, off-topic posts, repetitive, low-effort or duplicate posts and unnecessary BB code or Smiley usage. These also includes things like Quote and Spoiler pyramids and overly-colorful posts.

    Spam is annoying for other users on the forum for a variety of reasons. Spam fills up threads and forums, and makes relevant, useful information more difficult to find. The minimum character count for posts is 10. This is very low. If you need to add "filler" to your post, your post is too short and you should NOT post it. Similarly, posts that provide no information or relevance, or "Yeah, me too" posts are spam.

    Quoting/Spoilers - As said above, Quote and spoiler pyramids are not allowed and are considered spam. Vbulletin 5 normally prevents quote pyramids from happening with a new post, if you try to circumvent the correction you will get punished for spam. Additionally, it is courteous not to quote a long post and follow up the quote with a short response. That makes the page longer than necessary and makes posts harder to find. Responding with answers inside a quote is acceptable, as long as they aren't one-liner low effort responses. Use your best judgement on this one.

    Double Posts - Double posts automatically merge if they are posted within 20 minutes of each other. This does not mean you can double post if you wait 30 minutes. There is an edit button so use it. Purposely avoiding the merge limit is spam.

    Bumps - Bumping is when a user posts just to get a thread to the top of the page. Bumping a post is not necessary the majority of the time. If you feel it is appropriate explain so in your bump. Do not bump your post if it is on the first page. Otherwise, Bumping is considered spam.

    Necrobumping is only necrobumping if the topic is "dead", meaning there is nothing to discuss anymore. If you are going to post in any topic, whether it's 1 day old, or 90 days old, make sure it is not spam, and contains relevant information to the original topic. Examples of when it is appropriate to post in a thread:

    It is OK to post in an old Daily Challenge thread, because a new one should not be made.
    It is NOT OK to post in a help/support thread from three months ago, because things have probably changed. It is okay if it's a re-occuring problem.
    It is OK to post in a discussion thread if nothing significant has changed with the topic.

    Lock requests - DO NOT post in the thread that it should be locked. A mod or admin would have to go to that thread and read the post before they knew someone would want it locked. If they did that they would see themselves the topic needed to be locked. DO private message a mod or admin if you think a thread should be locked.

    Proper User Conduct
    Reporting - If you see a post that you think needs to be dealt with, report the post so that we can take care of it privately. Please do not post in the thread that you have reported it. False reporting will be taken very seriously. Flame wars should not be fanned but should be taken care of quietly and civilly.

    Arguments, Criticism and Flaming - In this community we encourage constructive discussion whenever possible. However we do ask people to keep their discussions civil. Having a difference of opinions is fine but we do not permit users to attack each other openly. If you have a personal problem with a user, deal with it privately through private messages or private channels outside of the forums. Dogpiling is also not allowed, and anyone who dogpiles upon a user conflict will also get punished for participating publicly.

    Ban Circumvention - While it's relatively easy to create a new account, it's also very easy for us to track users down, and often times the posting behavior is a dead giveaway of a multi-account user. Doing so will not only result in your multiple accounts being banned and deleted but also having your original account having a longer or even permanent ban.

    Alt accounts - Having more than one account for posting is against the rules.

    Appeals - Bans and infractions are very serious offenses. So much so that we don't like to do them most of the time. If you feel that a ban or infraction is un-warranted, you can message the moderators or admin back asking for an appeal. We will review the case and get back to the user ASAP.

    Trolls - No community is safe from them. However, we do not allow users to publicly confront a troll - that is the troll's objective. If you see a troll, message a moderator and admin and we will take care of it. People who reply to trolls will get punished for doing so.

    Backseating - Don't tell users what they should be doing as if you were a moderator or admin. If a posts needs locking, moving, merging or anything else, don't make a post about it, message a mod or an admin.

    Controversial Topics - We encourage discussion on everything. However for a controversial topic, we will watch carefully. For now we'll give enough faith to the users to know what is and isn't a controversial topic. Things like race, religion, and politics can set off flame wars. If you think that a topic could provoke an extreme reaction, then you should tread carefully.
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