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Some More Newb Questions

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  • Some More Newb Questions

    I've never used these kind of forums, so I kinda have no idea how some of this stuff works. So, I have a couple of questions:

    1. Even though the Forums Help tells you some stuff about creating a blog (which I didn't know was possible), I can't even find the Blogs tab, making it kinda hard to follow other instructions after that. Where is it?

    2. Same thing with creating a group, can't find the Groups page.

    3. How do I use spoilers? I could probably find out pretty easily, but might as well ask it here, since some of you might be able to explain it a bit better, and for other people as well.

    4. What is the Reputation bar and how do you get better reputation?

    5. On your user style settings, what is this? Is it something to touch to make the forums look more pleasant, or should I just leave it like that?

    I think that's it for now, can't think of any other questions.
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    1. It is here, but this feature wasn't implemented yet. I am not sure whether NK will allow us to create blogs in the future.

    2. It is here, but again it wasn't implemented yet.

    [spoiler]Input something here[/spoiler]
    4. I have no idea. Probably another feature that was still in test.

    5. Is this from customizing your user profile? I think it can allow you to change the design of your user profile when others look at it.
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      Please use the pre-existing thread rather than creating a secondary one.
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        What he said Closing this
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