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"Best Way to Beat Every BTD5 Quest" Thread

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    MOCHINATOR felicitaciones!!!!!!!!! tambiƩn hola noob


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      Well, I don't know much about this game.
      Currently, I am playing a multiplayer game.


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        If you wanted to get into it, I would highly recommend it as it's great. Plus you can used The Mochinators guide to easily get all the quests! Try to keep all talk related to the post.

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      the ones for beat a (easy/advanced/expert) track x times include daily challenges


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        The Mochinator - I want to thank You for Your help in quests when I started to play BTD5 seriously. I did this account only to thank you and write something (hopefully) helpful.

        For a long time I digged in searching best way to beat some quests. I have a lot my own methods and I wanted to add something to your list.

        First of all I have my game saved on 49 level on Easy in Park Lane. I have whole map covered by different agents which I got as rewards from quests. In case to beat some "agents-quest" I just remove other agents, build Monkey Village to help and wait. I want to beat all Daily Challenges from the past. Playing those challenges helped me to find a lot of Challenges and tactics that can help in beating some quests (especially when you invest in your saved game and you don't want to save another game). So without further ado:

        Advanced Tactics: Literally yesterday I have found a challenge that can help. It's "Nuclear Fusion" from 25.04.2014. Easy 5-minutes (so whole quests = 30 minutes) NAPFRILL (requires Super Monkey Lair 1st level, but 2nd is best. In this challenge 1 Meerkat Spy is provided but if you have 3rd level you don't need it).

        1. 3/0 SM on top, as close as possible to track. 3/2 after 55.
        2. Ace asap on the right, 2/3 after 58.
        3. Mortar 3/1 after 59.
        4. Mortat 3/2 after 60 targeting in the middle.
        5. Wait during 65 when SM totally destroy MOABs, set to strong and wait to crush BFBs to MOABs. Then sell SM, build Ace 2/4 to Ground Zero.

        To be sure NLL: Dartling 2/2 for round 63.

        Expertly Done: 4 times "Fast Upgrades". Lot of good strategies are available on YouTube.

        All "MOAB-class-amount" quests, "Ceramic-amount" quests, "Rainbow-amount" quests, "Zebra-amount" quests and "All-bloons-amount quests" - play "The Daring Dozen" from 27.01.2014. Playing it until round 49 will guarantee to beat I believe all quests (round 49 has RBE >6kk). If you want to gain massive amount of exp you can play it even until 61 rounds (RBE >4kk).

        "Regen This!", "Somewhere..." and "Over the Rainbow" - playing 2 times until round 82 (at least from 76) will guarantee passing those quests.

        "Fear the Juggernaut", "Flash Bang", "Heavy Boots of Lead" - play "Lead Zeppelin" from 09.11.2012. Start with 2/3 Ice Tower under first turn and place second Ice Tower 2/1 (you can make then 2/3) under second turn. Then you can build anything you want to beat the quest.

        "Unseen Danger" - play "Covert Pops" until round 65 (beating round 63 will give you about 78k camo).

        "Mean and Unseen" - play "Camolead" from 20.10.2012. Play until 62 level where you will have 300 pink camo (which will become 300 lead camo). Start with 2 good placed dartling, then add Spactory. Dartling(s) 3/2 asap and after Spactory 4/2 you should be good.

        "Red Hot" - find (in your saved game) a place where you can place few Ice 1/2 and few Boomers. Try to place it so that Monkey Village supports everything. The most important part in this quest is, that ranges from Ice Towers and Boomers will perfectly cover each other. Because if your Ice will have bigger range, they will stop bloons without popping and without Boomers' access to them. And if your boomers will reach bloons outside Ice Towers, that bloons won't count to your quest.

        Hope it helps!

        PS. Please let me know if I wrote something unclear or if you have any questions. I know that my english isn't perfect. And sorry for my date format but I'm from Europe (from Poland to be exact).
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          thank you for this guide