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  • BTD buff/nerf history

    I found this list on the old forums but as you can see, it was posted in 2014. If someone could continue it it would be nice.

    December 2011 (BTD5 release or soon after)
    • glaive lord price increased from ~3000 to 9000
    • SMFC can no longer throw triple darts or spiked balls (unless you upgrade during the ability)

    April 2012:
    • various dragon breath nerfs: used to attack 3 times as fast and be cheaper. At one time, price was as low as 2700.
    • robo monkey used to attack at double speed without plasma (shortly after DB nerfs)
    • spike factory used to have no spike life time limit, but this was changed shortly after spike factory's addition to BTD5
    • lightning and bionic boomer used to be cheaper than their July 2012 prices
    • spectre, TBO, and bloon impact can now explode black and zebra (much later for Mobile)
    • carrier price decrease 1800 -> 1500
    • ground zero can destroy BFB and blue MOAB regardless of health and can inflict 150 hp to ZOMG; used do do no damage, which for an explosion was illogical as well as UP. Even TBO or 0/0 cannon could always inflict damage, so why not this?

    July 2012 (I started playing)
    • Lightning price increase 900 -> 1200 (OK for BTD5, but 900 would have been better for BMC)

    November 2012 (release of Battles)
    • glaive ricochet price increase 1100 -> 1250 (ouch)
    • bionic boomer price increase 1200 -> 1450 (double ouch)
    • lightning price increase 1200 -> 1300 (completely unnecessary)
    • (Battles and later BMC) banana value increase by 50%
    • (Mobile) 2/x and 3/x farms produce 2 extra bananas
    • phoenix price decrease 8000 -> 5000 (a little earlier)
    • (date uncertain) MIB allows ice towers to freeze white and zebra

    March 2013 (release of coop):
    • Ground zero inflicts 500 hp to ZOMG and BFB and always kills blue MOAB
    • glaive ricochet pop limit decrease 10,000 -> 100 (does not affect glaive lord; bad for DC's)
    • lightning price decrease 1300 -> 1250
    • super ceramics introduced for freeplay and later contested territory
    • glaive lord was unintentionally nerfed
    • arctic chill and blade maelstrom fixed in Battles so they can affect camo with radar village

    July 2013 (BMC beta; I also started playing Mobile, which had been around for almost a year)
    • ground zero inflicts 350 hp to MOAB, BFB, and ZOMG; BMC beta reportedly had the OP ground zero for awhile, which inflicted 150 hp to DDT and ZOMG and killed BFB and blue MOAB; Mobile's ground zero inflicted 1000 hp to everything and made OP cash from super ceramics
    • lots of price changes to 0/0 towers
    • lots of buffs to ninjas and ring of fire (bloonjitsu and RoF currently attack at 13 frames)
    • moab shredder spikes damage increased 3 -> 4 and price decrease 5000 -> 3000
    • deadly precision price decrease 7500 -> 4000
    • (BTD5O) arctic chill can affect camos with radar village, but does not affect zebra without MIB
    • (BTD5O, BMC, Battles) ice towers renew the freeze on bloons that are still frozen and have increased attack rates. 1/1 ice towers hardly let bloons move at all. Jungle drums or BMC special item makes freeze permanent. Snap freeze glitch introduced (debugged by release of open beta)
    • Deluxe update included many of the accumulated changes but sadly ninjas still suck

    November 2013 (BMC open beta)
    • glaive ricochet price increase 1250 -> 1500
    • bionic boomer price increase 1450 -> 1600
    • previous boomer nerfs affected Mobile (eventually the second series of nerfs applied as well)
    • previous boomer nerfs applied to Deluxe (fortunately ground zero is still OP)
    • (BMC only) glaive ricochet pop limit decrease 100 -> 40
    • ground zero nerfs applied to Mobile
    • bloonchipper and sub added to Mobile for Halloween and Xmas
    • (BMC) pop money decreased since closed beta
    • bloon impact price increase 3200 -> 4000 (good for Mobile, bad for BTD5O); stun nerfs also reported by others but not confirmed by me

    February 2014
    • (BMC) signal flare price increase
    • (BMC) regrows toned down except for the new hardcore mode
    • (BMC) early moabs toned down (my perception)

    June 2014
    • (BMC) bloonjitsu price increase 2750 -> 3000
    • glaive ricochet price decrease 1500 -> 1400

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    BMCO had a pop and awe nerf that slashes the mortar ability stun length on DDTs into pieces.
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      Albert3105 That nerf was made on May 2015.

      Also on May 2015

      (BMCO) New pink-black bloon ring added.
      (BMCO) Income drops are now dependent on difficulty.
      (BMCO) Pop and Awe nerf - DDTs are now stunned for .5 seconds (previously 5)

      August 2015

      (BTDBO) Tower Balance Changes
      Banana Research Facility 14000 → 15000
      Distraction 350 → 500
      Sabotage Supply Lines 2800 → 4000

      Cripple Moab 12500 → 7000
      Spiked Mines 14000 → 12000
      Bloon Liquifier 12500 → 6000
      Glue Hose 3250 → 2200
      Glue Striker 5500 → 4000
      Glaive Riccochet 1500 → 1350
      Glaive Lord 9000 → 4500
      Tempest Tornado 8000 → 4500
      Dragon's Breath 4200 → 3600
      Long Life Bananas 500 → 250
      Monkey Bank 4200 → 3200
      Aircraft Carrier 15000 → 9000
      Laser Blasts 3500 → 3000
      Plasma Blasts 5000 → 4000
      Sun God 16500 → 14000
      Bloon Buster 800 → 650

      May 2016

      (BMCO) Buffs made to boss fights so past level 30 bloons get buffs equivalent to CT.

      More will come to mind when I find it.

      BTW, Glaive Lord was initially 2500.
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        December 2012: BTDBM MOAB health ramping increased.
        Bloon Speed ramping increased.


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          Pretty interesting.