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BTD 6 New Tower Idea, post your ideas below! Pt. 2

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  • BTD 6 New Tower Idea, post your ideas below! Pt. 2

    Time for the second path upgrades. Feel free to go back and see what the stats of the 000 tower are so you can better understand these upgrades. Also, please leave me feedback in the comments and/or the poll, no matter if it's negative or positive it will help me create better threads in the future. Thanks in advance!!!

    000(no upgrades) $600

    3 pierce

    1 damage

    attacks once every .5 seconds

    20% chance to miss on every attack

    very small range

    uses a sword


    Sense of Honor $200

    - attack speed reduced by .1 seconds, it is now .6

    - pierce increased by 2

    - missing chance reduced to 15%


    Schooling $400

    - learns a new downward cut move that that has a pierce of 1 but damages through 10 layers of bloon. This activates every 6 attacks


    Nobleman $900

    - has a guard that stands at the end of the map and strikes down any leaking bloons. This guard is a 000 melee monkey

    - pierce increased by 1

    - attack speed increased by .05 seconds

    - missing chance reduced to 5%

    - slightly longer range

    - maximum of 5 nobleman can have guards at the end of the map


    Knighted $7000

    - a new active ability: Relief Army. Arrows and Nobleman will storm the screen destroying many bloons. Cooldown of 30 seconds

    - now has 2 guards that are 010 melee monkeys, maximum of 10 guards

    - rides a horse that that kicks up to 5 bloons and permanently stuns them. This activates every 4 seconds

    - switches to a lance as a weapon


    A True King $25,000

    - 3 040 melee monkeys will chase the bloons like a heli pilot

    - the Relief Army ability now calls in knights instead of noblemen

    Thanks for getting this far, now for the final upgrade path.

    000(no upgrades) $600

    3 pierce

    1 damage

    attacks once every .5 seconds

    20% chance to miss on every attack

    very small range


    Fitness $200

    - attack speed bonus of 20%, this bonus will become more potent as you pair it with more powerful upgrades


    Nutrition $500

    - pierce increased to 4

    - missing chance reduced to 10%

    - small range increase


    Gruntman $1500

    - uses a battle axe instead of sword

    - base attack speed reduces to once every .6 seconds, this is not accounting for the 001 attack speed boost. I don't want to do the math.

    - damage increased to 2

    - pierce increased to 6

    - "intimates" all bloons in a radius 4 times the tower's base attack radius every 3 seconds and stuns them for 2 seconds


    Viking $5500

    - uses 2 smaller axes

    - base attack speed increased to once every .45 seconds

    - every other attack the monkey double attacks and deals x2 damage to bloons that are hit

    - pierce reduces to 5

    - intimidation ability now activates every 2.5 seconds and stuns bloons for 3 seconds

    - a new "battle horn" ability that activates when "most needed"(talk to whoever made the commanche commander to learn more). The ability gives a .5 attack speed and pierce bonus to all towers on the screen, this does not stack with other 004 melee monkeys. The cooldown is once every round


    Lawbringer $30,000

    - uses 2 very large axes

    - massive range increase

    - Double attacks cause a small earthquake that stuns and damages 6 layers of bloon to bloons around the affected area

    - 2 selected towers will be granted double attack speed, pierce, and 1.5x damage that rounds up. These selected towers may be changed at any time, including intense micro sessions

    - if no bloon has come in its range for 8 seconds, it will throw its axes at the nearest bloons and cause great damage

    That's all I have for now, sorry for bad grammar, I don't have time to edit this, please just try to use common sense to understand what I'm trying to tell you. Thanks for listening to my ideas, especially if you got this far. Please be critical when commenting on my work. Be sure to give suggestions. No bad ideas!!!
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    Monkey Swordsman may fit better.

    Same as before but
    price -> 37000

    Throwing axes have quake effect and reduce throwing condition time to 4 seconds. it doesn't reset between rounds either