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    What about web gl like the cross platform game tower keepers and java is still alive, it's cross platform also.


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      Originally posted by KillaZombieForMommy View Post
      What about web gl like the cross platform game tower keepers and java is still alive, it's cross platform also.
      That could work, I think. I'm not a programmer, so :P
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        Here's one major meta issue that the team needs to address: progression.

        By the time you hit maybe 80-90, you are likely to have got a full complement of [RED] gear at max level (i.e. 10*** for guns, 10** for armor), plus some [BLACK] gear, and perhaps one or two elite cores. However, the drop rate for cores and [BLACK] boxes and keys is very, very low. Progressing beyond full [RED] gear is very slow and very dependent on either luck or paying. That's probably an incentive to cheat. Regardless, the gap in stats between full [RED] and full [BLACK] equipment is very large. Remember, [BLACK] weapons have 50% more damage than [RED], and [BLACK] armor has a lot more armor points. And that's before people start coring their equipment; remember that you can boost all base stats by up to 50% (10 cores), plus add another augment slot, plus increase the max level to 12.

        The Flash version addresses this somewhat by letting people craft gear, including cores, but that's very expensive (and NK are unable or unwilling to add that feature to Steam). If NK wants to make acquiring a full set of end game-level equipment that RNG-dependent, then I want to see the gap in stats reduced substantially. That means a lot less coring. Otherwise, make the [BLACK] drops more common.

        I don't like such a large gap in capabilities. First, it strikes me as a bit insulting that this comes right at the end of the game, and that it is very, very difficult to make that progression. Second, if you have such a large gap in capabilities, it is going to turn off a lot of players from playing further. Last, it potentially takes out a lot of room for skill to make a difference in the late game. If you were first on Apocalypse, is that due to skill, or did you really just grind a lot to get to end-level gear? Or, worse, did you hack your equipment stats?

        Also I would players to be able to upgrade their guns to 10*** and their armor to 10** using just in-game currency. Anything beyond that can require coring.


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          I have been playing this game for years. It's absolutely amazing. There is so much to do in the game, and it just keeps getting more interesting. The game has hundreds of different zombie abilities and forms. But once you have finished the single player campaign, done the live events, and opened a few rare strongboxes, the game gets boring. As I was watching some SAS 5 tips, I realized that the graphics were WAY better. The screens were different. The screen where you change your weapons and armor are different. And all the Zombies and Bosses looked different. The Devestator looked A LOT better. He had these spikey bones coming out from his back. I have encountered Every savage boss except the Savage devestator and savage Necrosis. The savage bosses look great but are blurry. They are not any new zombies, weapons (other than the payed ones) There are no new maps, no zombie abilities, zombie forms, ETC.