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    I really hope that some NK mod is going to takeover this and maybe make it a bit better, but anyway, that's not the point.
    I'm assuming that you're not going to tell a random stranger where you live or what's your number and call them your friend (Please don't),
    This is simply a site to allow people to have more contacts allowing people to use MP games more efficiently and more fun (as you will have more people to play with), and hopefully, make a profile update with at least a single person knowing without having to be the popular guy in a server.

    Please don't have a humongous conversation that is irrelevant to the topic stated at the top:

    Here's simply what I feel it should be:
    • You leave your NK name:
    • U leave the link:
    • You leave a SHORT description of why you might want more NK friends:
    Hey I’m Luminos and I play SAS4, BTD5 and some BMC. Until a month ago I hadn’t really touched NK since 2015, but now I’m back and trying to level up. I can send crates, play low level MP SAS4 matches and play multiplayer on BTD5 (sometimes). I think having more NK friends will help keep things interesting both in and out of the game.

    And that's all to it: Get started if you wish XD