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    (Plain) Glass is transparent (e.g everyday windows) and Stained Glass is translucent (foggy ones that usually found in bathrooms), both are Technically are the same material: glass


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      Bloon Ideas!

      Purple Bloon:
      HP: 1
      Speed: 1.5x That Of A Pink Bloon.
      Special: Bloons Get Absorbed Into The Purple Bloon, Thinking That's The Least They Could Do For The Most Popular Bloon In Town, Increasing Its Speed To 2x That Of A Pink Bloon, However, It Can't Absorb Bloons With An RBE Of 6 Or More.
      Parent Of: 2 Pinks.
      Child Of: Orange.
      RBE: 11

      Orange Bloon:
      HP: 1
      Speed: Blue Bloon.
      Special: Immune To Heat Based Attacks.
      Parent Of: 2 Purples.
      Child Of: Black/White/Grey/Brown.
      RBE: 23

      Cyan Bloon:
      HP: 1
      Speed: Red Bloon
      Special: Spawns A Blue Bloon Every 10 Seconds.
      Parent Of: 5 Blues.
      Child Of: None.
      RBE: (RBS/10)+11.

      Dash Bloon:
      HP: 3
      Speed: 2.5x That Of A Pink.
      Special: None.
      Parent Of: 10 Pinks, 3 Purples.
      Child Of: D.D.T
      RBE: 86

      Grey Bloon:
      HP: 1
      Speed: Yellow Bloon.
      Special: Immune To Magic.
      Parent Of: 2 Oranges.
      Child Of: Zebra.
      RBE: 47.

      Brown Bloon:
      Speed: Blue Bloon.
      Special: Immune To Glue.
      Parent Of: 2 Oranges.
      Child Of: Zebra.
      RBE: 47.

      Lead Property:

      Can't Be Hit By Sharp Weapons.

      Glass Property:

      Can't Be Hit By What Damages Leads

      King Togepi


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        Yes, it's about time.
        I can not wait :-)
        I have waited a long time for this and would like updates to be more frequent, maybe even as often as in the Path of Exile, where the new league (season) and the new PoE Currency are added almost every two months. I really like the development of Bloons, but in this respect I prefer PoE and PoE currency trading
        When will they make next changes?
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          I have a question for Bloons TD 6. Will it have linux support?


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            Originally posted by Coderemove View Post
            I have a question for Bloons TD 6. Will it have linux support?
            And a question as well from me. MacOS/iPhone 5S Support?

            Coderemove You may want to post that on the General Questions Topic.
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              Will the DDT be in BTD6?


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                Originally posted by thepokegeek5000 View Post
                Will the DDT be in BTD6?
                Haha, the only way to know that is when the game releases!
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                  -Magic Resistant (Wizard and Sun God resis)
                  -Heat Resistant (Fireball upgrade, Burny Stuff, Ring of Fire, and plasma resis)
                  Monkeys and Traps:
                  For Those who don't know what traps are, They are the stuff spikes and exploding pineapple and ,for those who remember, monkey glue. All cost are for normal mode
                  -Robber (Monkey)
                  desc: This slow attacker is pretty sneaky, He steals any bloon (Not Moab Class) and sells it for 5 times the real price.)
                  Cost: 2.5k
                  Special Skill desc: (Monkey Market) Takes every bloon on the screen or 1 moab class and sells it for 2 times the actual price, heartless.
                  -Flame Thrower (Monkey)
                  desc: Does it burn? This monkey has no mercy. He sees, He burns. No one really knows where his flame thrower came from. Some say it came from the monkey gods.
                  Cost: 1.8k
                  Special Skill desc: (Big Burn) Give the burn affect to every bloons on the screen and removes all properties from it. Automatically removes one layer from a bloon (Max MOAB)
                  -Monkey Cop (Monkey)
                  desc: "Does this bloon belong here?" says the good old cop. You may think he arrest the COBRA but the truth is . . . he IS the COBRA
                  Cost: 450
                  Special Skill desc: (Im the inspector now guys) Destroys every bloon in it's radius
                  -Turrent (one use trap)
                  desc: It attacks at super speed and fall to your feet in seconds. The engineer doesn't need it so he kept them in a unsafe spot. Now they are killer machines.
                  price: 100
                  -Wall o' Monkeys (limited trap)
                  desc: They do what it takes to stop bloons. They don't stay up for long so think fast.
                  Cost: 500
                  Special ability: Has a health bar and regenerates over time
                  -Corrosive Glue (limited trap)
                  desc: Are you bad at timing your pineapples? Time to get corrosive glue. glue gunners sold separately.
                  Cost: 500
                  Special ability: Lasts 15 bloons but if under 15 flies over it, The value resets.
                  Bloon Types:

                  Comes in 4 different types: Camo (Green), Sharp (Red), Magic (Purple), and Bomb (Black) stunners
                  each stun the types of monkey they are assigned. They all have MOAB and Vortex properties and MOAB health But can be tornadoed, distracted, burning, frozen, and glued . They are all colored moabs that dont affect monkeys they are not assigned.
                  Camp (Green) Affects: Anything that has camo detection
                  Sharp (Red) Affects: Anything that shoots sharp objects. Hardest to deal with but has half the health and speed. Is affected by spikes.
                  Magic (Purple) Affects: Anything that has magic. Hey is the flame thrower's gun magic?
                  Bomb (Black) Affects: Anything that shoots explosives and are immune to pineapples. They are as fast as yellows
                  All of these drop nothing when killed
                  They are as fast and faster that pinks but they have healths that are higher and lower
                  A racer boss can be considered the SSD (Super Speedy Demolisher) Since it has the same health as the MOAB and its as faster than a pink
                  Blimps are smaller than MOAB-class in size but they has similar but different properties.
                  Blimps are affected by anything that MOAB cant be affected by. This means ground zero and monkey pirates kill them with their ability easy but keep this in mind, They drop 3 times the ceramic than MOABs do regardless of if they were taken out by monkeys or an ability.
                  -Co-op Vs Co-op

                  Imagine having to share the same space with a person to take out other 2 people. This is exactly what Co-op vs Co-op will be.
                  Gameplay: In this mode, you can play with anyone else to outlast the other team until round 50/65/75/85. There is a Free play option but all 4 players will have to agree. when one player leaves, they owe 50 (currency if any) for leaving the game. They are only allowed to leave when the game ends.
                  -Team time
                  3-4 Players get there own money and it is not divided into 4. They get their own piece of the map and will have to survive 50/65/85 rounds of bloons ranked up 3 times (Including MOAB-class) All towers and upgrades cost half as much it will cost in easy mode.


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                    There should be the DDT and the Glass Bloon (Maybe other BSM2/BMC Bosses/Bloons too...)

                    The DDT should only have the ABILITY to be CAMO... NOT ALWAYS CAMO....

                    Also, another possible feature could be: Agents and Free Towers... You always have them, but only can use them x times in a game.

                    And for the Extreme Tracks, it should automatically save at the end of every round... So if needed, you can leave and come back without wasting monkey money.


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                      I like btd 5 so btd 6 should be super good too


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                        Jo Ninja Kiwi, when is Bloons TD6 finally coming? It's February now and we doesn't have any news. We all wait, thanks.


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                          Patiently awaiting BTD6!
                          Patiently awaiting Roh hugs.


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                            YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES #ArcherMonkey


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                              yes! I cannot wait for it to come out. Will it have glue trap? and also... what programming language did you use? ( I program javascript)

                              (BE RANDOM!!!)


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                                Awesome to see BTD6 being announced as I've been a long time Bloons fan, I could use a breath of fresh air!

                                May I throw in my 2 cents? (these are really some of my issues with btd5 mobile)

                                I hope btd6 mobile has a co-op chat function, as it's currently very frustrating at times on higher difficulties.
                                ​​​​​A continuous play button in solo instead of having to press it every time.

                                Literally 2 cents