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The Ninjakiwi Discord Server

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  • The Ninjakiwi Discord Server

    The Ninjakiwi Discord Server

    As you can tell from the title, we now have an official Discord server! Discord is a free chatting, voice, and video service specifically tailored for gamers and their associated communities. Remember that in order to participate, you must have a valid Discord account, a verified email and must have been on the server for at least 10 minutes. After that, you will be awarded an Authenticated status, and able to partake in the many chatrooms we have available for everyone.
    We hope that you have a great experience on the server and look forward to seeing you!
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    Server Rules & Best Practices

    In order to take part in our Discord server, you must agree to follow the rules and best practices that are listed here. Ignorance is not an excuse, nor are blocking the bots an excuse. Being on the Ninjakiwi Discord Server is a privilege, not a right.
    1. All relevant Ninjakiwi Forum Rules, Ninjakiwi Terms & Conditions and Discord Community Guidelines apply.
    2. Keep it PG-13. In particular, avoid swears, words that look like swears and generally offensive media (images, videos, games, ect). Note that the bots may be around to enforce this rule.
      • In regards to inappropriate usernames, nicknames and avatars, we will first give you a private message demanding you change your avatar/nickname/username. Failure to cooperate will result in a kick from the server. Further instances of failing to cooperate may result in a permanent ban for the user. We may resolve to immediately ban users for excessive non-compliance of this rule, or if the content is extreme enough to warrant swift and decisive action(s).
      • Examples of in-appropriate actions on the Discord Server include but are certainly not limited to:
        • Message(s) containing swears in any form, be that abbreviated, filter-dodging, or other discernible forms.
        • Media, such as pictures, videos, links and embeds containing in-appropriate content.
      • We may also put users in a detention channel to hold them until they agree to correct their actions, or acknowledge their wrong doing. In this detention room you will not be able to talk to any other users except for the moderators. We will consider refusal to communicate in a reasonable manner (typically, 1 day from the start of the detention date) as non-compliance, leading to grounds for a kick/ban from the server.
    3. Don't spam or exhibit obnoxious behavior. This covers sending excessive messages, unnecessary pings, copy-pastas, messages with many irregular characters, and generally "repeated and unwanted messages" at our discretion.
      • Do not ping or mention the moderators, admins, and/or Ninjakiwi Staff unless there is a pressing need to grab their attention. They are very busy people and should only be pinged for a pressing matter.
      • The above also applies to private messages. Spamming a person's personal inbox in Discord may warrant a kick or a ban depending on the severity. Note that you should never privately message the server owner unless there is a pressing need to.
      • For in-game matters such as account help or bugs, it is best to contact Ninjakiwi Support (Link below).
      • For messages/usernames/nicknames that have an excessive amount of irregular characters, we may change/remove them at our discretion, and then warn the user to use more clear.
      • The language of the Discord Server is English. While we embrace a wide and diverse community, we'll consider prolonged conversations not in English to be spam.
    4. Be respectful to each other. If you see users openly flaming each other, immediately notify a moderator to deal with it.
      • Our first recommended procedure for dealing with other users is to attempt to resolve said conflict in a private message or any way that does not involve 3rd parties from jumping into the problem.
      • Dog-piling is disallowed in these circumstances. Dog-piling refers to 3rd party instigation, agitation, enabling, ect. We want to limit the conflict between users. Anyone who is caught enabling/fueling public conflicts between users will be punished the same as the main instigators. We will remove references to the conversation, and privately warn users. Failure to further cooperate may warrant a kick/ban.
      • Once the moderators judge to change the conversation, it is mandatory that users comply. Further prolonging the previous affairs may warrant detention, kicks, or bans from the server depending on the context. Compliance with the server moderators, admins and NK staff is not optional.
      • While it is a good idea to point out the rules, the Ninjakiwi Discord Team will not hesitate to deal with users that are mini-modding others. Mini-modding is the act of placing oneself in a position of authority and telling others what to do when they otherwise do not actually have the authority nor the power to carry out their actions. We consider this not only to be in-subordination of the Ninjakiwi Discord Server Team and the Server Rules, but it is considered bullying and rude to other members.
      • In regards to controversial topics (such as religion, race, other types of wedge issues, ect), we do not explicitly deny discussion of these. As the mantra of this rule, we welcome all forms of civil discussion. However, due to the potential inflammatory nature of these topics, we advise strongly to consult with the moderators and admins before talking about anything that may entail a greater deal of caution or controversy.
      • Any user found guilty of persistent harassment against another user will be PERMANENTLY banned from the NK Server and ALL of its related or similarly endorsed servers.
    5. Don't promote other discord chats, with the exception of other official NK servers (IE. Bruno and Locky).
      • It should go without saying that raids of another server using our server as an entry-point will not be tolerated in the Ninjakiwi Discord Server. Anyone that instigates said behavior will be permanently banned, and anyone that additionally participates may face further disciplinary action. We care very much about the Verified status of our discord server and will fully comply with Discord itself to remove such illegal activity from our server.
      • We also are not in the business of pontificating/judging other servers. Talking about the affairs of other servers and/or their members, especially in a negative manner is discouraged. If we feel that the conversation is not going down a good path, then the moderators may intervene and stop the conversation, and hand out appropriate punishments.
    6. For Technical Queries related to the NK games, contact Ninjakiwi Support. Keep in mind that the Ninjakiwi Discord Server Moderators aren't actually staff members of Ninjakiwi, and therefore would not be able to assist you in those needs.
      • As said before, the moderators/admins cannot handle queries related to the games themselves, since they are not staff members of Ninjakiwi, but rather volunteers.
    7. For Technical Queries related to the NK Server, contact the moderators. The moderators will be able to generally assist with most NK Discord Server related issues.
      • In regards to bans, strikes, kicks, or any other disciplinary action, we forbid discussion about these actions. As a reminder, it is the policy of the NK Discord Server to not disclose these types of disciplinary actions. We do this to not only protect the privacy of users, but we also do this to prevent excessive discussion of these topics. These matters are usually best meant to be resolved privately between the punisher and the punishee.
        • It goes without saying we will not give users their personal disciplinary history until they request it.
        • We do not and will never give out the disciplinary history of a user to another user.

    Important Links

    Ninjakiwi Blog
    Server Statistics
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