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Changes to the Ninjakiwi Discord Server

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  • Changes to the Ninjakiwi Discord Server

    Hello everyone, It's been a while hasn't it?

    Today we are announcing that the Ninjakiwi Discord Channel is undergoing changes in management, Effective immediately, the following changes will happen:
    1. The Ninjakiwi Discord Channel will now be owned by Ninjakiwi themselves.
    2. I shall be transferring ownership to Sam from NK's Scotland division. He will be the interim Server Owner.
    3. Eventually, ownership will be transferred to a universal account controlled by Ninjakiwi themselves.
    4. I will be taking on a new position, Server Manager, the next highest role after Server Owner. In this role, I will be retaining the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the server. All roles and positions that are below Server Manager will be unchanged. But now, we will be taking more advanced directives and feedback from Ninjakiwi themselves, including approval to changes to the forum rules, adding services, channels, and features to the server, ect.
    5. We are initiating our search for new possible Server Discord Moderators. Those of you considered have already been notified of this.
    6. The server rules are now being hosted on the Ninjakiwi forums. You can view the new rules here.
    7. After some internal discussions as well as popular community demand, we are re-organizing the server channels into organized categories. We've gone ahead and officially created the following new channels:
      • #tower-keepers: Tower Keepers
      • #sas-za: SAS: Zombie Assault
      • #bloons: Bloons Tower Defense
      • #btd-battles: Bloons Tower Defense Battles
    8. The General chat will be repurposed to talk about anything that doesn't have it own channel.
    9. #connect4 has been removed due to complaints about lag.
    Now you are probably asking, why are we doing this now?

    We are currently pursing the goal of getting the server verified and endorsed by Discord themselves. This will allow for a greater channel of direct communication between the community and the Ninjakiwi Team. For a while now, the server was endorsed without being given official recognition by Ninjakiwi. But now, we have decided to take this special relationship to the next level. We know that player feedback is extremely important for our games. What makes Ninjakiwi great is its historically close and awesome relationship with its playerbase. With these changes and plans, we will be able to be even closer with our players and coordinate even greater things within the community.

    But it does not end there. With official blessing and endorsement from both Ninjakiwi and Discord, we plan to expand our community to new heights, and will eventually see even more changes beyond the current changes in management and community interaction.

    This thread will be open to discussion and you can join the server here.

    We look forward to all the new members who choose to join our humble server and partake in the greater community!

    NK Forum Moderator and Discord Server Manager

    Note: I plan to keep this post stickied for about a month. After that, we'll un-sticky this thread, but archive it so that it can be referenced later.
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    I quite like most of the changes made to this thread and look forward to further improvements being made.

    That being said, there is a change not mentioned in this thread that I find extremely frustrating, but I've kept that to a private message for now.

    Otherwise, very good work!
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      I tell you huat, I believe this server should be advertised before offices close down in December. Just a nice blog post should suffice; Assuming, of course, y'all think it's wise to do so within that point in time.
      Come and join the new discord community for all things Bloon!
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        Originally posted by Scootaloo View Post
        I tell you huat, I believe this server should be advertised before offices close down in December. Just a nice blog post should suffice; Assuming, of course, y'all think it's wise to do so within that point in time.
        completely agree with your point.


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          Im going to start a real discord server for sas4 players where we can talk together and make teams and private matchs and grind. Also im not another failed attempt the invite will be permanent. Help me make the new Offical Unofficial SAS 4 Discord server!
 <-- The server obviously
          This is a repost the link still works
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