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    Another great idea from me!

    If you plan on adding extreme tracks, make sure the reward for defeating them is not a random crappy XP nobody ever needs, but something better and generally more useful.


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      Tbh maybe more uses for bloonstones other than for just skipping upgrade and building times


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        Originally posted by Fortanono View Post
        Had a cool idea for an upgrade template that doesn't revolve around more than one "path". Check it out.

        Also done two examples of this.
        Reminds me of Cursed Treasure in a way.

        That's what I'd like.

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          Originally posted by lol7790
          a spikefactory wich produces monkeys
          prices: mdium
          description: this factory produces dartmonkeys over and over monkeys disapear at the end of the round and at a centrain amount of time
          name and price: monkey factory cost 2K
          does: throws 0/0 dartmonkeys who dissapear like spike from spikefactory does you can place other monkeys over them meaning you dont need to sell them to make space because srsly thats annoying form 2/0 monkey engineers in BMC
          upgrades: left path:
          1. add glue gunners to the factory (now can throw 0/0 gluegunners too togheter with the dartmonkeys) $350
          2. add monkey apprentices to the factory for leads $500
          3. add dartling guns to the favtory (1/0) $1K
          4. add supermonkeys to the factory $10K
          right path:
          1. add boomerangs to the factory for more popping power $350
          2. add ninjas to the factory for camos $600
          3. recue the amount of dartmonkeys and increase the amount of ninjas and apprentices also add tackshooters to the factoyr $1,6K
          4. add snipers to the factory activae ability: sprays dont the track with short lives monkeys (monkeys unlocked in factory) $6K

          village: 0/0 1/0 2/0 and 4/0 village will affect the factory, all monkeys that are thrown inside the range of a village will be suported ege if the facotyr places a dartmnonkey insde 0/2 villa it will get camo detection

          EDIT: all monkeys are 0/0 except for 1/0 dartlings also the factory still keeps producing other monkeys too
          Looks overpowered what is the production rate?


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            Four challenge ideas for btd6.
            One: The Reddened RBE: difficulty of our choice but instead of like moabs and ceramics and zomgs and stuff, its all red bloons stacked up. for example instead of a blue, two stacked reds. towers with unlimited or very high pierce banned
            Two: Last Hope: Impoppable on logs using only the seven heroes. you would be able to use all the heroes. 5000 starting cash.
            Three: Ultra Farming: A B.A.D. is coming on round 50! Difficulty easy and on logs.
            Four: Underachievers: Chimps on Dark Castle with everyone's favorite upgrades for towers locked.

            Engineer and Dartling when


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              I think people who like going late game (like me) would love an option that just turns off the projectile textures to reduce lag significantly


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                D.O.M.B(Destructive Overpowered Massive Behemoth).

                HP: 22,000
                Speed: As Fast As A Lead Bloon
                Size: Large
                Camo: No
                Regen: No
                Immune To: Sharp Objects
                Class: Boss Bloon
                Child Of: 2 B.A.Ds
                Parent Of: None
                Appears On: Round 300
                Weapons/Ability: RPG that destroys towers(Fire Rate: 1 Shot Every 10 Seconds)

                Description: Do you have what it takes to destroy this destructive beast and send it back to where it came from? Nothing has ever gotten past the D.O.M.B's special armor. It is nicknamed "The Destructive Behemoth". Only the best explosive attacks with the most fire-power can crack the D.O.M.B's thick armor.