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  • ERROR.Invalid.Physics
    I am unharmed.


    • I grab the earth and spin it so hard that we end up skipping an entire week, you collapse from dizziness and I take the banana


      • I throw a gungnir at you, it never misses, so I end up spearing you. I then take the banana.
        Hello, it's me, Mk 214 EX, back again! Current Avatar: Super Saiyan Monkey?

        My , probably collecting cobwebs that I'm not even going to bother cleaning up.

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        More stuff will be added with time. Patience is a virtue.


        • ERROR.Invalid.Physics
          I am unharmed.
          partrox.exy.sef activated...
          forcw.kiel.edesa Shhye.rew.nwweewrrlddd+annbnghna
          skt/ogng/ skt
          Translator: Translation unavailable
          Me: Oh no....


          • You cause the creation of a lot of glitch and E4RR0R tinks

            They assult you and take the banana from you, I then manage to get the banana off them but I am unable to even hit them with attacks. I decide to call supreme coding tinks in to patch them out
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            • My supposed translation:
              paradox.exe(EXCLUDE SELF+BA.Na.na0)
              [email protected],Start_New_World
              Yes/No Yes
              Me: Ok
              You got killed (And Then Excluded By Rogue.exe.seey.god, which is me In the past)


              • Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked you so hard, he kicked you "yesterday"(Also, he can ignore physics). Then he dropped the banana while fighting Segata Sanshiro on Earth. I just happened to took it.

                Then I summon The Tiki Bowl and activate The Curse of the Tiki.

                The Tiki Bowl
                HP: 2
                Cannot be destroyed in battle or by effect. You can prevent opponent's effect by destroying this monster once per turn. At the end of the opponent's turn, you can special summon this monster, but without its effect.

                The Curse of the Tiki
                "As long as this effect is in play, opponent's luck stats will be halved and can't used weapons or effects."


                • I fly all the way to raven's veiw and talk to the witch doctor and tell him about the curse, turns out he requires another 5 headhunter masks as payment.

                  I then head off on a long and tedious quest looking for these masks and return a few days later. Sure enough he gives me a voodoo doll in the tiki's image

                  I then return to the scene of the battle and prepair to fight. This time though the voodoo doll eats up and negates the the curse. As the tiki bowl can't be destroyed I use the Snowflake of eternal winters to freeze it and then take the banana


                  • You all got ko'd by the paradox.


                    • It​ launch a revenge attack on 9x49cf43

                      avalible troops:

                      Tinks (various types): 1,000,000,000,000
                      Barbarians: 50
                      Keyblade weilders: 2
                      Heartless: 2,000
                      Watermelons: 10
                      Feathers: 1

                      I select the tinks and scroll through the list until I find Omegaquake tinks.

                      I deploy 3 of them and a cursed vangaurd tink to the side of the base. They punch the ground with so much force that all the buildings collapse and all of the troops in the entire base take heavy damage.

                      I select the Tinkonator and tap:

                      ERROR! That is overkill and you know it, Please select one of your less powerful troops

                      I select an eternal void Tink and place him with the others, he opens a void which slowly begins to grow and suck up the enemy troops and heros before they can even attack the Omegaquake tinks who walk upto he town hall and smash it


                      loot: 300,000 gold
                      300,000 mana
                      1 indestructable banana
                      Destruction: 100%

                      (You do not want to know what the watermelons do or what the feather does)
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                      • Activate Rogue.Excluder<.., ...,,,.Forbidden.All(Code,,,,Except,,,Self)
                        Activate A.AandE.E Vacuum (Anything/Anyone And Everything/everyone)
                        I suck you with your inventory.
                        I pull the banana out of my inventory.
                        RESTART ACTIVATED.
                        All my troops Are air (In my TH8)
                        Dragons: 5
                        Rage: 3
                        PoisonL1: 1
                        I use my poison L2 to slow you by 30% and Rage to Increase their speed by 20 and damage by 120%.
                        You got burnt
                        Last edited by 9x49cf43; 23-05-17, 01:11 PM. Reason: No, Not 20%. 20 speed Points (16->36)


                        • I cast mirror, removing the debuff as you have no buffs or debuffs on yourself

                          Iuse the lightspeed maleastrom to overload the A.Aand E.E vacume's suction causing it to explode, injuring you in the process

                          Responding to your edit: I cast mirror to copy your rage buff for myself while removing the poison's debuff effect as you do not have that debuff on yourself

                          I then take the banana


                          • I got a new troop, Beta Minion (It is an air troop.)
                            I level it to level 2
                            It gains its ability
                            Long Shot: First 2 attacks are from a longer range.
                            You got killed.


                            • I use the lightspeed maleastrom to blow all your Arial troops away then take the banana

                              (Have you worked it out yet?)


                              • OVERKILL.OVERRIDE
                                I use the A.A.and.E.E. D.I.S.A.B.L.E, Stopping you in your tracks
                                Then the A.A.and.E.E.Vacuum