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    I was in a room similar to my dorm, but this time I seemed to live with Tachibana and Muffet. At one point I hugged Muffet and then we went around the building I was living in.
    Another dream was a like a simulator kind of, and it showed Hikari and Kotakunaoru fighting alongside the Anarchy sisters. But the Anarchy and Demon sisters seemed to be giant, and it appeared to be a speed draw style too. There was also some TF2 stuff such as Soldier hanging from a cliff while a giant frog watches them. And the frog was apparently popular enough to be an icon of someone's profile picture.

    I was in this huge school complex that was like a mansion. It had suites it was very fancy. I was inside doing a jigsaw puzzle of aquatic life that included a dolphin and a school of lion fish. There was also a view of an island with a town settled on it. There was a little skit of Amethyst, Steven, and Amethysto and Amethyst was drinking some potion that enhances the ability of poison types and she let out a belch after she drank it, so Amethysto drank it too and his powers got enhanced. Afterwards I also saw the characters from Family Guy, specifically Peter and Brian. Seth McFarlene also appeared as like a panel at a con. Then I was watching a group of people play Super Smash Brothers for the N64, and it seemed to be modded seeing that they were playing as Baby Peach, a Meowth with kirby’s body, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. And the main theme of SSB was playing while the fight happened. Then there was this little security site whenever I tried to go to 4chan and presumably it’s for security reasons so I couldn’t really access 4chan because of that since it kept refreshing to that site whenever I tried to go to any other board/thread. Undertale’s Waterfall theme began to play as the dream ended.

    I was entering a blue house with a bunch of stuff inside. It turns out that this house belonged to an old man who was a hoarder. He had weeds everywhere and a generally cluttered mess. I clean up his place and temporarily change his music playlist to my tastes in music. Then I was on this jungle world and I was playing as a chimpanzee who would flip through the trees. The host of said game was an orangutan and I saw Monkey Boo too. At one moment in the dream I appeared to have been playing Zoo Tycoon and setting up a path and terraforming for my zoo.

    So I was near a house that was apparently an alternate version of my house. And I went on an adventure with the characters from Tales of Symphonia, and the dream was a bit formatted like an RPG. It looked kind of futuristic but at the same time the screen had an amber tone implying it was a fantasy adventure.

    Lots of things happened this time, like there was a simulation similar to Jurassic World the Game, where I could see the park and the dinosaurs in it. And I could actually move the aquatic creatures. I also saw Marco in my dream and he was looking at a naked black girl for some reason. The second part of the dream was where it got a bit like Mario and Luigi where we got rid of the ghosts from houses to fight a bad guy.

    For a while I was in this ROBLOX world and I visited places that I used to visit when I was still playing. Those places were empty and abandoned symbolizing how much times have chanced since I left. I’m pretty sure one place was that Roller Coaster place which I had dreamed about before. Another place was kind of this mini-game place where it was kind of surreal like. Then after that dream another dream was where I was in Hong Kong seeing the sights. I was at a market I believe.

    In this dream I work together with people in a slightly post-apocalyptic version of Japan, and we had to stop the North Korean regime from spreading its communist influences.

    I started out in city and I began a business which I believe was an arcade. After a while I then was delved into this RPG-like world where I had to fight bosses like Hades. And Edea Lee was there along for the ride. After that I was back in the city complex which looked a bit like Memorial Union given the location of the buildings. A bit after the RPG section I watched a video of a person turning into Dr. Pig as he sang, like a hairy version of Dr. Pig complete with a beard. Then I went to the tall building where the bank was and they had games like Deal or No Deal where you could win money. Come to think of it I’m sure that was a casino instead of a bank.

    The things I could remember were that I was in this house in a neighborhood and I lived with several other people including Gumball Watterson who had a fish tank in his room. There was a promotion going on in Jurassic World where we got to obtain the 4 Raptors and there was a different chance to win them if we find a certain token in a hotel/mall complex. I’m pretty sure there were 4 teams and Binky was in one of the teams.

    This time I was at a Halloween celebration and I saw some characters from Ed Edd and Eddy and there were big trick-or-treat bags/boxes and there was candy still in them. I also saw a fat chick with a muscular dude, so that’s something.

    First I was in this child daycare-like facility and there were gems that I had to get like some sort of match-3 game or something and it was Gumball and Darwin vs their mother. I believe the objective was to get as match as many gems as you can. Afterwards there was a party in the auditorium, the plaza looked like RIC’s Auditorium but man it was a nice party where there were red solo cups and a massage booth. Then SMG4 Mario showed up to solve some mischief.

    This was a college episode. But there was a twist, there was this big city nearby and it was summer and it looked like a coastal city since I can see the sea. I believe the city looked a bit like Inkopolis due to its compressed look. It had a park and everything. But back to the college, at the area near the quad was now this big building where I had completely different classes, I even had the textbook. I still had animal science but I also had literature, film, and writing I believe. And the environment was weird, the residential hall was very similar to Browning hall. And when I looked outside it was wintery and it was rather creepy-looking at night. It was like this wintery rainforest where I heard birds calling to each other in the foggy distance. Much later literally half of the world was all summery and warm while the other half was still cold and wintery. I also watched a few Panty and Stocking shorts where they went on miscellaneous adventures such as raiding a sweet fort with a bunch of sweet dogs and bears. My room was dimly lit, like it was dark but it was lit up by a lamp. I had a laptop and it was a single room and it was kind of small. Now onto the actual classes, the inside of the new building was absolutely huge and modern-looking. It had a facility where there were fossils and gemstones, they even had a tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus. I had this device to allow me to teleport to anywhere so I can attend my classes. The first stop was my animal science lab class where Tony Mallilo was teaching, he passed out glass boxes that contained aquatic invertebrates. I believe I got the box that had purple worm-like animals. On the next stop I was teleported to this semi-volcanic island near the United Kingdom (It was a waterworld and I came across the island) where they were filming a Spongebob movie. I also had a partner with me and he was a fish in that world. There were a bunch of Chinese tourists who got a hold of him but I managed to fight them off and get my fish friend back. Afterwards there was dancing for a bit and headed back to the city.

    Argurably another college episode. This time the setting was in the middle of a desert, and there’s another sideplot of a Jurassic World game where you can take some of the DNA of the dinos you defeated to use in fusion. In this desert was this glass hotel that looked rather modern and it had an elevator. At one point we tried to go back to my school in a helicopter but that failed twice seeing as it just flipped on its back and landed on the ground. There was also a contest of some sort but I can not recall what kind it was specifically. Back to the Jurassic World game, the last dino I remember using was a diliphosaurus or a carnoraptor and I was fighting against some sort of mosasaur-like creature. I was defeated multiple times and lost the DNA I gained from defeating previous foes.

    First off I was in this school-like building which appeared to be in the middle of a tropical land due to the rain outside. Then one day we decided to go camping in this huge tent and we left Cody behind. The tent was huge, like it was a ninja party or something but damn. Though a few other ninjas died because you know how ninjas are assassins. There was also this theme park that was part of the ninja camp. The visual style was of Zoo Tycoon and there were animals on the premises in cages. We sang Japanese songs too, while that was happening there were some visuals of elephants clumping up together to form a huge sentient mass to fight off a dark nine-tailed fox. At one point the cages rotted and I had to upload multiple saves in order to fix those fences and prevented the animals from escaping.

    Again with the college-like setting but with a twist. For some reason I was playing Marine Park Empire for a while, I was trying to get an oarfish since it was an unlockable animal. Back to the main setting, I saw Deku and Ochako and they had these bracelets that looked like the ones I made in UCAP. There was also a power outage in select parts of Canada, not sure why.

    Okay so the environment was similar to the URI campus but it was a resort this time with this big Aztec-like temple that flowed water. There was also a shopping district made of brick buildings, and I often went on the roof of one of the stores. And the environment was rather tropical due to the grey-ish sky and the foliage.

    From what I could remember, it was kind of like Sonic and I believe I was in some sort of mall. Donald Trump was there and his other car was stolen by a bunch of African Americans, and I rode with him in his car to get it back. The sky was dark and an eclipse was going on, I saw a few hills and I think I was in Florida. It was a nice dream nonetheless.

    So I was in this plaza that was a mix of Kid Icarus and Danny Phantom. Hell there was even an arena where I fought a fire beast. It was some sort of school with buildings like a church. I also did things like online stuff which looked like BitTorrent

    So as far as I could remember it started out with me, my mother, Ramon, and my sister fixing up this fish tank. It already had plenty of fish (most of them being goldfish or koi) and we had fused one of the smaller tanks with the bigger one. There was also this cross-dimensional adventure where we explored this dream-like bazaar where we found out about this Indian man. There was also fighting like Super Smash brothers and an evil team just like Pokemon. Harry was in the dream though and we fought alongside me. When the team was defeated some spirits used their powers to create an earth where there are a bunch of arenas and there was a master arena right in the middle of the Phillipines.

    All I could remember was that we went on this huge quest where we saw a whole myriad of dragons. And Lily Peet was complaining that we were killing off endangered species and that the final boss on the other side of the cliff was rather disappointing. The final boss was a huge dragon with sparrow-like colors and brown eyes, it was like a wyvern of some sorts. I also saw a purple-ish salamander-like dragon with a long snout. Then I saw a bunch of memes, particularly one of Sly Cooper were it was shown that the three of them were going to kick Jean Bison’s ass. Then I was playing some Mario cart and Incorgnito wanted to challenge us in this rhythm/grammar game and I was in a team of 4. I was playing as Scar from the Lion King and we were having a tough time getting all the green and blue orbs and dodging the words/red segments.

    The first thing that happened was that I was at a beach and I’m pretty sure Mordecai and Rigby were there and we were trying to build something like a house. The next thing I knew I was going through some futuristic city which was kind of similar to Bowser City. Then I was outside this gymnasium building and it was nighttime and I saw people inside playing. I’m pretty sure I saw Thalassius and Suspendisse participating. Then I saw this SMG4-like movie where Mario played some sort of deathmatch soccer with a red tellytubbie and 2 other participants.

    From what I could remember, it was around mid-December and I was attending some sort of school and they had a gymnasium. I saw a word document that had my sister’s name on it and she was actually in one of the photos of the other class. I also watched people play their sports through the large gymnasium. Next thing I know I’m in a Zoo Tycoon 2-like simulation game where I had plenty of animals on display including penguins, dinosaurs, hybrids including the spinoraptor and the indominus rex.

    So I was in this Japanese-style city and for some reason my stepdad, mother, and sister were arrested. I tried to set them free in court but I failed.

    I was in this somewhat futuristic city when I found out that someone has been trapping a bunch of animals in a cage. And it was my job to free them all along with the boulder. So as I traversed the building, I came across this girl who seemed to know the man behind this scheme. Though she did get naked this one time and she was pretty thick, rubbing her wet tits against the shower window to impress me. After all that, I came across the man who’s behind this, but after a while of hitchhiking on a truck, I found out that the girl was the master behind this scheme. It was in the form of this purple machine that has a chair and many colorful buttons. This was clearly the final boss and me and the people were ready to start the revolution and save this place.

    I was in an airport and I was supposed to go on this trip with my sister and my cousins. But I got sidetracked and I was at this hotel near the airport. And I was drawing some Splatoon stuff including a Marina-like character and a Bling Bling Boy-like character. I also stopped by at this brunch restaurant for no reason but I had these binders and in these binders are some lewds. And when I went through security a guy looked through one of them and I hoped that I didn’t get in trouble. Though the man let it slide this time and I went through the gates. I found them eventually but my sister was a little pissed at me.

    The dream started with a premiere of a remake of a Jurassic Park, a game which played out in a much earlier dream. I was basically a dinosaur simulator and you could play as a T-rex or a raptor. It started with the T-rex running into a gang led by a triceratops/t-rex hybrid. I then logged onto the Pokemon Battle Network and was looking for a casual battle, no competition. I ended up fixing the picture for the Archeops page, and after a while I was in this graduation-like ceremony and I saw my sweet Austin on stage doing a senior performance I believe. Though afterwards I went looking for him and while I was looking for it turns out he lived in this castle/mansion-like complex that looked similar to European on some level. He had an aquarium building and there was a temple where it was like the Great Bay Temple where I had to swim around as a zora or something but it was designed more like a funhouse with the mazes and the bright colors. After that I came across the Eds who I apparently good friends with. After that I went back to Austin’s house and I saw him and I think I talked to him for a bit.

    So I was in my college campus and we had a bit of a lecture in the CBLS 100 room, and the TV was showing this gameplay I think where a character was going through a lava level. The setting of this is a mix of a college campus and an airport gate building. And suddenly I was meeting with Bernie Sanders, we talked about things probably about what’s happening on campus. Then I was browsing on 4chan in a Ryuko thread, then the thread got moved to /b/ for some reason.

    Okay so I was walking across a complex when I came across an egg. A salamander hatched from the egg and I took it to like a sanctuary. There were many people there and they all seemed to know me. I talked to them for a bit then I was on my way. Then something happened where it was a bit of a Sly Cooper game and it had a new villain. But Tony the Tiger and Zavok began mocking the villain for his tropes that were repeated in previous games. In a videos section there was something called a Pink Pearlocke challenge? I also saw Satsuki somewhere.

    It started out in a my house with my family, and we were in the basement cleaning things up and the basement was more expanded and had a full room on the left side. My sister and I had a bit of an argument until we saw the golden spider. Esmeralda was with us too and I released the gold spider, but before that I took a picture of it. Then I went to the living room where many people were gathering and watching some sort of show like Avatar or something. Afterwards we began to work together on going up on the elevators. There were buttons and we had to press them in a sequence in order to progress. I got assigned to someone that looks like JonTron. When we reached the top we encountered puppies, fennec fox puppies and there were so fluffy! Then when we left for another land, we went through a red gate and we had to speak into some sort of speaker which only accepted voices of people over 18. Then we were flying over the ocean and gijinkas of dinosaurs started appearing. We were being chased by this pterosaur girl and she looked exactly like a human, she was just flying with her arms out. We were over the ocean by the way. The girl had green hair and pale skin, wearing a green tank top and gray pants. When we arrived onshore we were at LA where there was this huge aquarium. The aquarium had big sea turtles that had diamonds on their backs, meaning that a rich person like Kanye wanted to show his wealth. I spotted a manta ray version of Trump and Pence. Then in a Goosebumps –esque scene some girl was being fattened up by dolls that turn into lip monsters like the ones in Persona, but this time they were peach-colored and had red full lips.
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    Originally posted by Junior Monkey;n138814
    Formerly made Ninja Kiwi great again, I wish I still could.




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        Originally posted by Junior Monkey;n138814
        Formerly made Ninja Kiwi great again, I wish I still could.


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              Originally posted by Junior Monkey;n138814
              Formerly made Ninja Kiwi great again, I wish I still could.


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                Originally posted by Junior Monkey;n138814
                Formerly made Ninja Kiwi great again, I wish I still could.


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                  Yeye, drop crate and don't pick up. I've been trying to get this patched, but they don't care. ex dee