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General rules
These are rules that apply to the whole forum, and ought to be common sense anyway, but reminders are never bad.

Be nice - we're all just here to have fun

Keep it clean - use language appropriate for any audience.

No trolling or flaming - attempts to cause disruption or upset will be taken no less seriously here than anywhere else on the forum.

Specific rules
For this subforum

(Necro)bumping is fine. Just don't expect a response, because the game probably got boring.

Don't copy existing games. Variations are allowed, but do make them noticeably different. This applies to "active" games, ie active within the last few weeks - if it's older than that you could just create a new version, because while bumping is allowed, that doesn't make it compulsory.

"Opinion games" (asking other people's opinion about something) - these are not (currently) outlawed, but keep the topics strictly away from anything to do with other users, and from anything that is generally controversial.

In role playing games, there is no such thing as immortal, omnipotent, etc. It doesn't matter if the character you are playing has supposedly unbeatable traits canonically, for the purposes of these games they do not. It's fine to claim they have them, and it's fine to act like it most of the time, but you must concede at least sometimes. Otherwise it's boring and nothing gets anywhere.

What to do if someone is not following the rules
As always, reporting posts or PMing a moderator is the way to go. In fact it's even more the case here than anywhere else, as it is honestly a waste of time for the mods to try and follow this subforum. This also means you should fully (and preferably concisely) explain the exact situation, or the likely response will probably just be posting a generic reminder on the thread about being nice.

*no free money, cookies or handshakes.