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100+ things you hate baout bloons games

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  • 100+ things you hate baout bloons games

    post here the things u hate about ALL bloons games nk has aka bloons 1-? (howmany are there?) btd1-5/6 btdB and BMC also bsm 1-2
    rank them with numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, ect
    all forum rules regard shere
    pls dont post much like pos t 1 hate another one post 1 hate and you post anothe rone pls dont then just edit your previous one

    let met start:
    1. banana farms in btd5/B/BMC are way too big yoou sometimes cant fit them espencely in BTDB wher eu barely can fit one

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    no one plays my game? let me bump another hate so people are gonne play my game
    2. camo pink while fast track and not having camo detection and then quick react (happans in bmc most of time in btd5 rounds are always same )


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      3. BTD5 crashes due to running out of random access memory. (To be fair, this is less of a Bloons Game problem and more of a computer problem buuuuuuuuuut it's relevant enough anyway.)
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        4 2 much grinding to get t the top chest on BTDBM.


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          5. Chipper in BTDBM is still trash.
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            6. Opponents who actually saved enough to get cobra.
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              7. You can't choose when to use and not to use quest towers.
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                8. SJFC, a glitch that became a fun unintentional feature, is hailed as a disgusting and unacceptable technique in DCs.
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