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  • Hauprichtale

    (Yes, this game's title is literally my last name with "tale" on the end. Deal with it.)

    So, uh... yeah, this is my newest game. After Destroy The Killer failed miserably, this is my next attempt at a hopefully enjoyable game.

    Plot stuff:
    Long ago, the four races of Donhaup lived together in harmony: Humans, Monsters, Saiyans, and Donovans.

    Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation monsters attacked.

    After a long battle, the monsters were defeated.

    The humans sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell, and the Saiyans were asked to be on the lookout for when they return.

    Many years later...

    Mt. Vanricht

    Legend has it that four people of different SOUL Traits will descend into the Underground to free the monsters.

    Sign-up stuff:
    First things first, pick a SOUL Trait. There are 6 available (Determination is not available, and two others unlock after freeing the monsters (two more people can join in as well!)):

    Bravery: Very high physical power (++ATK), but slow (-SPD) and lacking in magical protection (-RES). Can use magic for physical uses on top of its normal ones. Uses fist weapons.
    Justice: All stats are average. Can also use different types of ammo that have different effects. Uses guns.
    Kindness: Strongly prefers magical attacks (++MGC) over physical combat (--ATK). Much better at healing themselves and others. Uses pans and other food-based weaponry.
    Patience: Quite tanky (+DEF, +RES), but super slow (--SPD). The longer they do nothing, the more effective their commands. Uses knives.
    Integrity: Swift, powerful attacker (+ATK, +SPD), but lacking in durability (-DEF, -RES). Dancing can sometimes impress monsters, instantly making them spare-able. Uses foot weapons.
    Perseverance: ATK and MGC increase as HP is lowered. Can take more punishment than anyone else (+HP, +DEF), but weak offensively (-ATK, -MGC). Uses books.

    Secondly, pick between Human, Saiyan, and Donovan for your race. These don't affect your stats, but they do affect how the monsters interact with you.

    Now, for the sign-up sheet.


    Note: There can only be 4 players maximum, get a spot while you can!

    0/4 slots filled.

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    I could assume it's easier to mange but why only four players are allowed?
    Originally posted by Zole

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      Originally posted by island ko View Post
      I could assume it's easier to mange but why only four players are allowed?
      I was thinking the player thing would be like Earthbound/MOTHER, where you can only have 4 people in your party at a time.

      I mean, Undertale was inspired by the MOTHER series, so... yeah.