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  • Music/artist recommendation

    Looking for a music/artist, suggesting one? This is the thread for you.

    My suggestion
    Music download
    I hope you use discord, because all the discord servers I go to is here so see ya there.

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    I suggest Muse.


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      DJ Okawari


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        *clears throat*
        Every single BEMANI artist. Ever.

        Now, specifically, nanahira.
        nanahira is a Japanese denpa (catchy nonsensical (sometimes)) artist (sometimes). She usually covers Vocaloid songs, but sometimes collabs with other artists to make original and AWESOME (still denpa) songs like Bassdrop Freaks or Conveyor Speed Max!? The Shinin'☆Sushi-Go-Round "Sushi & Peace". These two songs had their instrumental and lyric arrangements by Camellia, who makes more hardcore songs when not with nanahira like Bangin' Burst or Blastix Riotz. They've made three albums TOGETHER actually, and the BEST ones are VERSUS! and REPLAY! which includes extremely epic denpa songs along with one ULTRA-EPIC SONG named after the album title. I mean ULTRA-EPIC.

        ...was that a bit too much?
        I'm just a who should be working on their homework.

        Originally posted by nanahira
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          If you like Japanese songs, then I say Nightmare.
          Or Michael Jackson.
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            Pentatonix is my go to listen. they're an acapella group that has won several Grammies. They cover lots of different types of songs...


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              Originally posted by Speedy05 View Post
              If you like Japanese songs, then I say Nightmare.
              Or Michael Jackson.
              So true. I would say that Japanese metal is very technical, it's just a pleasure to listen to bands like Seikima II (heavy metal) and Waggaki (folk metal). Never heard about this Nightmare though, sorry. Can't even google it.
              As for Michael Jackson, he's still a true king. He was both a very talented singer, dancer, song and music writer. His music inspired me to become a musician so that's because of him I practice music every day. I even play in a local church band as a drummer and as a roadie, lately I helped there to install a drum shield just as mentioned on this page By the way, you can visit our performance when the lockdown is over.
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                Nobody better than Tim Haywood!
                Need help but don't want to bother the admins? I'm your guy! ;)