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What is your favorite tower in your opinion?

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  • What is your favorite tower in your opinion?

    What is your favorite tower in your opinion? In BTD5, battles or BMC.

    Mine is the ninja because of its upgrade, Bloonjitsu, it can nearly destroy a MOAB, and 4 can destroy a BFB, 8 can destroy a ZOMG. Not a lot of towers can do that.

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    My favorite is also the ninja! Or the apprentice! Those are the two towers i use most


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      My favorite is the Monkey Apprentice x-3 (Dragon's Breath) & x-4 (Summon Phoenix) because the flame is just my absolute best.


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        Originally posted by maveric23 View Post
        My favorite is the Monkey Apprentice x-3 (Dragon's Breath) & x-4 (Summon Phoenix) because the flame is just my absolute best.
        That must be hot!! Hahaha!

        On topic:I like the dart monkey because it's reliable ,ice towers/monkeys due to their awesome tier 3 upgrades and boomerang throwers because of no good reason.
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          Probably the Spectre. It can stop Ceramic Rushes like the ones on round 63, 76, and 78.


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            The dart monkey is the best.


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              BTD5 Flash: Sub
              BTDB Flash: Cannon
              BMC Flash: Ninja
              BTDB Mobile: Dart
              BMC Mobile: Ace
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                Originally posted by The Mochinator View Post
                BTD5 Flash: Sub
                BTDB Flash: Cannon
                BMC Flash: Ninja
                BTDB Mobile: Dart
                BMC Mobile: Ace
                Well, I guess it does vary for games, if you asked me for different games, then due to the tower restrictions on Battles.

                BTD5 Flash: Submarine.
                BTDB Flash: Bomb Tower
                BMC Flash: Bloonjitsu owns everything!
                BTDB Mobile: Either dart, ace or bloonchipper, ninja would be good too, but due to only 2 towers(one for farm) and player sent bloons going opposite ways, yeah
                BMC Mobile: Haven't played it in a while but should be wizard.


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                  By my profile picture and signature, I think you already know what it is. But in case you don't know WHY I'll remind you.

                  The Tower Itself

                  The bloonchipper is obviously the best. Here's why:
                  • It sucks in bloons. That should at least say SOMETHING.
                  • It brings the bloons out through the back for easy access for all your other towers. This is why building around your chipper is a good idea.
                  • It makes sure that the bloons make no progress in the map Whatsoever!
                  • It holds in ceramics for a 1 hit takeout of its outer layer, which would usually take 10 hits.
                  • It destroys MOABS in 3 seconds.
                  • It is one of the cheapest overall towers.
                  Total Prices: First path: 5225 (about the price of the Phoenix upgrade itself)
                  Second path: 11,050 (cheaper than a robo monkey, and stalls more too)
                  First path + second path (not third tier): 11,175 (Cheaper than robo monkey, WAY cheaper than a temple, and owns more MOABS than any 1 of them by themselves)
                  Second path + first path (not third tier): 11,770 (Cheaper than a 4-x buccaneer monkey)

                  Specialty Building Considerations
                  Upgrade Why It's Good Price Consideration
                  Upgrades Reduced by 5% The bloonchipper is now EVEN CHEAPER than before. That's always a good thing. $750, About the price of most other specialty upgrades, so it's good.
                  Increases range by 10% The bloonchipper now has EVEN MORE Range! Now that's AWESOME! $750, About the price of most other specialty upgrades, so it's good.
                  Emerged Bloons are stunned Well, no need for glue gunners anymore, this pretty much does the whole job. $1500, considering the value, this is a really good price!
                  Bloonchipper collects Bananas No more need for the banana farmer. $1500, That's about $5000 worth of banana farmers for $1500, so this price is AMAZING!


                  This is what bloons wiki says:
                  • Once upgraded 4/2 a Bloonchipper can reduce a Z.O.M.G. to just a few B.F.B.s and M.O.A.B.s in a very short amount of time.
                  • When a Bloonchipper sucks up a Ceramic Bloon, it will not spit it out until the entire ceramic shell is popped.
                  • 500 damage is dealt with M.O.A.B-Class Bloons inside a 4-X Bloonchipper.
                  • Corrosive Glue will damage the bloons while in the Bloonchipper.
                  • The Bloonchipper can deal insane amounts of damage when combined with a Glaive Riccochet. This combination will also eliminate the Bloonchipper's weakness, because even though regen bloons are multiplied through the Bloonchipper, each Glaive Riccochet will pop a layer off each one, regardless of the number of bloons.
                  • Due to Dual Layer Blades, when the tower destroys a MOAB-class bloon, only three of its children will be ejected; the last one will be the new victim of the tower.
                  • When the Supa-Vac ability is used with a 0/4 or 1/4 Bloonchipper, the ability will thaw a frozen Lead Bloon.
                  • You can fit a bloonchipper at the center of the banana Farms. To do so, buy three and place in the L form, then carefully place the bloonchipper in the center of the farms. Finally, place one more farm to form a larger square shape as shown in the picture. This is useful when you have a Tier 4 Al's Custom Chippers to collect bananas.
                  • In BTD5 Mobile, Bloonchippers with Al's Custom Chippers tier 3 will also stun MOAB bloons.

                  Upgrade Chart
                  Upgrade Name Why it's good Price consideration
                  1-x upgrade Suckier Right off the bat, the bloonchipper is on it's way to the fast bloons. $340, That's cheaper than most apprentice upgrades, and it does a lot more.
                  2-x upgrade Heavy Duty Suction Now, the bloonchipper can pop almost any type of bloon, and completely owns against ceramics. $380, The bloonchipper can now pop lead and destroys ceramics easily. All for a lot cheaper than a super monkey, which can't do any of that.
                  3-x upgrade Dual Layer Blades This upgrade doubles the entire popping power of the chipper. Plus, it's on the path of the most OP upgrade it has. $680, Considering that this upgrade doubles the entire popping power, but is still cheaper than the tower itself, I'd say that's an AMAZING price.
                  4-x upgrade Super Wide Funnel THE BEST UPGRADE EVER! The bloonchipper can now single-handedly bring a ZOMG down to MOABS without the ZOMG getting anywhere on the track. $3825, Cheaper than so many fourth tiers and it's cheaper than a lot of the upgrades for the super monkey. Yet, it still beats all those upgrades.
                  x-1 upgrade Long Range Suck This upgrade is gold! The bloonchipper already has a considerably high range, but this is making it even bigger! Most towers don't even HAVE an upgrade that increases range! $340, That's a pretty balanced price. Considering what it does and that it is an upgrade that most towers don't have, That's A-OK.
                  x-2 upgrade Faster Shred The bloonchipper is starting to get OP. It can now handle any bloon except pinks (with heavy duty suction) and pops a lot faster. I'd say it's the equivalent of a flash bomb right now. $510, This is the third best upgrade of the tower, so even though it is kinda expensive compared to other upgrades, Compared to flash bomb, It's amazing.
                  x-3 upgrade Triple Barrel This upgrade, although very expensive, gives the chipper a very good game against pinks and is on the path of the second best upgrade on the tower. $5100, Although it is expensive, it addresses one of the chippers only weaknesses pretty well, so this is an OK price.
                  x-4 upgrade Supa-Vac Second best upgrade in the game. It allows stalling to come to the next level! In battles, it's really OP, but it still has value in BTD5 and BMC, too. $5100, Same as the other upgrade. Since it is actually a lot better than the other upgrade, I think this is a good price.

                  All the guys in these videos agree with me.
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                  The bloonchipper is the best.

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