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    The NK Member Hunger Games (Run I)
    Deaths Only

    Day I
    Scootaloo and Topper die fighting chefy68
    TrueLotus1999 died of intoxication
    Superbloons321 dies of hunger

    Day II
    chefy68 kills Original Otaku by force from Bloonsofsteel.
    GlennPinMD, sniper 355, Speedy05, and Gamzdude kill The Mochinator
    Junior Monkey dies of fall damage.

    Day III
    AFN7 was pushed into lava by Albert3105
    lla26 kills DragonSlayerz by dropping weapons into lava.

    Day IV
    Gamzdude kills lla26 with a trap

    Day V
    Gamzdude died from betrayal from Valourmonkey

    Day VI
    MK 214 EX died of starvation

    Day VII
    Speedy05 kills ACX9000 by force of CheesyRudy

    Island ko is stabbed by sniper 355
    Speedy05 and CheesyRudy die in a 2v2 against Can I Log In and PurpleNecromancer10
    Bloonsofsteel dies for supplies by Albert3105

    Night 8
    Valourmonkey kills Albert3105, sniper 355, and PurpleNecromancer10 with an explosive.

    Valourmonkey overpowers Can I Log In in the final duel.

    Most Duel Wins: Speedy05 (2)
    Winner: Valourmonkey
    Most Kills: Valourmonkey (5)


    1. Valourmonkey
    2. Can I Log In
    3. PurpleNecromancer10
    4. sniper 355
    5. Albert3105
    6. Bloonsofsteel
    7. Speedy05
    8. CheesyRudy
    9. Island ko
    10. ACX9000
    11. MK 214 EX
    12. Gamzdude
    13. lla26
    14. AFN7
    15. DragonSlayerz
    16. GlennPinMD
    17. Junior Monkey
    18. chefy68
    19. The Mochinator
    20. Original Otaku
    21. Superbloons321
    22. TrueLotus1999
    23. Topper
    24. Scootaloo

    District Ranks

    1. District VI (The Mochinator and Valourmonkey)
    2. District XII (Can I Log In and Topper)
    3. District VIII (PurpleNecromancer10 and AFN7)
    4. District X (sniper 355 and GlennPinMD)
    5. District II (lla26 and Albert3105)
    6. District VII (Bloonsofsteel and CheesyRudy)
    7. District V (Speedy05 and Gamzdude)
    8. District I (Junior Monkey and Island ko)
    9. District XI (TrueLotus1999 and ACX9000)
    10. District III (DragonSlayerz and MK 214 EX)
    11. District IX (chefy68 and Scootaloo)
    12.District IV (Original Otaku and Superbloons321)
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      My district is first

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