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What are you listening to, volume III.

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  • What are you listening to, volume III.

    I figured I would recreate this thread here, since it had consistent posts for a good while on the old forum
    Basically you just attach a link of whatever you're listening to so you can maybe share your songs with others.

    And just a couple rules to follow:
    • Limit discussion please. If you want to talk about a song/artist/band/video it should go in its own thread.
    • Don't post too many times in one day. If you're good and space it out nicely you can probably post more.
    • If your video might not be appropriate for children, please put it in a spoiler with a warning beneath it. A simple "Warning, 13+" would do. If you want to say why (profanity, drugs, etc.) you can, but you don't have to.

    Also, in case you didn't know, you can embed the video into the page by following a simple format. Simply type in [video]<LinkGoesHere>[\video], except with the forward slash instead of a backslash, and the video will appear in your post, like so!

    To put the video in a spoiler, it would instead be [spoiler][video]<LinkGoesHere>[\video][\spoiler], like so:
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    Music from "Neighbours from Hell", a cool game.

    A suitable theme for a certain TBKA character.
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      Vanic x K.Flay - Can't Sleep:


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        I've become rather fond of Ice Cube recently.


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          The impossible version of Megalovania

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            I drive a Chevrolet Movie Theatre.

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              Sonic 3D Blast - Diamond Dust Zone 1

              Good stuff man...
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                Originally posted by Dr. Strange
                Dormammu, I've come to bargain.

                Originally posted by Dr. Strange
                Pain's an old friend.

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                    blink-182 - "After Midnight"

                    Genre: Alternative rock
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                      Imagine Dragons - It's time.
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                        The mood can never be too light
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                          From the recent watch dogs 2 trailer.


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                            Rise Against - "Give It All"

                            Genre: Punk rock, hardcore punk, melodic hardcore
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                              Lindsey Stirling - Roundtable Rival (I concur with Spectrum Pulse that this is the best song from her Shatter Me album)

                              (Genres: Classical Crossover, Symphonic Rock)
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