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    I am planning to set up a boundary for my Pomeranian in the backyard, and is torn between choosing a wireless dog fence or traditional wood gate? Electronic fence is way cheaper than the usual barriers at home, and I am wondering if this will be an advantage? I am also scared by the fact that a shock collar is needed to operate the device.
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    Honestly, ask for advice, go to people you know, consult an expert. Communication can help you in that case. Go into detail on what you need. That way, people can know what you are talking about.
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      I am rather old-fashioned so I'd choose the second option but at the same time wireless dog fence sounds interesting to try.
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        So with the cats and dogs, I have now, I don’t let them outside very much as we don’t have a fence in our yard. I’ve been meaning to get one installed but I just keep forgetting. I’ll probably go with a traditional fence as you did mention that it would be able to keep my pets in and keep others out.