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Ninjakiwi Live Chat, Groups and ID's Thread

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  • Ninjakiwi Live Chat, Groups and ID's Thread

    This thread is here for the purpose of consolidating the various NK groups outside of NK. Use it to connect to your fellow gamers. For now, we have the following:

    1. A Steam Group
    2. A General NK Live Chatroom, Powered by Discord

    We also have gathered here users whom wish to share their game ID's for other services. Credits go to the thread creators, whom I shamelessly copied and pasted from the original posts into this one.
    Steam Group

    Click here to view the NK Steam Page. To join the page, first log into steam (install it first if you have yet to do so), and hit the green Join button. There are no requirements to join the Steam Group other than having a basic steam account.
    Ninjakiwi Live Chatroom

    Check it out here.

    Discord Server Status:

    Ninjakiwi Gamer Tags and ID's

    Post your gaming ID's here if you'd like to meet up outside of Ninjakiwi. We encourage people to follow the template below:

    Forum Username
    Gaming Medium - Account

    Click the Spoiler below to view accounts. If you can, link your gaming accounts so you're easier to find.
    Gamer Tags and ID's:

    Steam - Souperman
    Ninjakiwi - SOUP

    Ninja Kiwi: Squideer
    Steam: Squideer
    Skype: Squideer/ɹǝǝpᴉnbS™
    3DS: 2320-7027-9220
    Nintendo Network ID: Squideer

    Sniper 355
    Ninja kiwi - Rocketicewave
    Kongerate - Sniper355
    Discord: Rocketicewave

    Email: [email protected]
    Ninja Kiwi: unknown2000
    NK alt account: unknown3000
    Steam: unknown2000
    Kongregate: unknown20000
    Skype: mr.unknown2000
    Smite: unknown3000
    Social Club: unknown2000

    The Brick
    Ninja Kiwi: The Brick
    Kongregate: Brickyard1234
    Steam: the_brick3
    Skype: thebrick35

    Ninja Kiwi: TheWaddleGames (Waddledee789123 on archive)
    Steam: TheWaddleGames
    Skype: thewaddlegames (Screen name: Edge of Bronzeness (Wads))
    Discord: LeWads#1129
    LoL Summoner Name: LeWads
    Smite name: TrueSylveon
    Bnet name: WaddleGames (Probably won't be using Bnet for a while).

    Ninja Kiwi: Viridian (formerly known as moos123456789)
    Discord: ViridianFan#1613

    Ninjakiwi - lla26
    Kongregate - lla_26

    cookieeater45 Ninjakiwi - cookieeater45
    Steam - cookieeater45
    YouTube - TheCookie45

    Ninja Kiwi: Scootaloo Dash
    Archive Forum: WEEGEE
    Skype: scootaloopwny
    Discord: Sam Scootaloo

    Steam: BDDP
    Kongregate: BDDP
    Scratch: BDDP
    2DS/3DS: (Unable to get info at this time)
    Nintendo Network ID: BDDPike
    Discord: Time Travelling BDDPPP

    NK: meow1
    Scratch: nolegs_cat
    supercell: battle kitty, cat outpost, cat island and cat legion
    youtube: ninjacat509
    nintendo network id: ninjacat509
    pokemon showdown: meow1
    email: [email protected]


    Ninjakiwi: Here.
    Steam: Here

    I like bloons
    Ninja Kiwi: i_like_bloons
    Nintendo Network ID: Fan_Luigi2
    3DS Friend Code: 0559-7027-6333
    Discord: Luigi_Fan2#6273
    YouTube: Luigi_Fan2
    Twitch: Luigi_Fan2

    Original Otaku
    NK: Covey123

    Steam: Phoenix BBQ (ss_covey, /YuuStalk. Constantly changing names.)
    Club Penguin: Covey123
    osu!: LOL69
    Geometry Dash: oriOta
    Wii U: Reversitality (Mii: ori.Ota~[note emoji, female sign]) Original Otaku o.O
    Game Center (iOS): Original Otaku
    Anime Amino: ori.Ota genbi


    Steam: Tri-o-iwi
    Ninja Kiwi: Also Tri-o-iwi
    Discord: Tri-o-iwi#2959

    Epic Minus One
    Ninja Kiwi: Epic-1
    Youtube: Goingtobepotatos

    Dr. Renovation
    Skype: DrRenovation
    Steam: A cute and cuddly hamster
    Discord: ★Dr. Hoo★
    Ninja Kiwi: DrRenovation

    The Augster
    Ninjakiwi: tytu
    Pokemon Showdown!: The Savage Autumn
    Discord: The Augster#7292
    Youtube: Augie Bruno
    Wikia Account: The Augster at NK

    Steam: ShortBusBandit (the one with the Guy Fiere avatar)
    Discord: Jony23
    3DS: 1092-1763-6102

    NK: ADragon1
    Skype: asiandragon69
    Discord: ADragon69
    Youtube: ADragon KOTH
    Steam: aaronhwang22

    Ninja Kiwi: Venix75
    Skype: live:venix75
    Steam: Venix75
    Discord: Venix75#2795
    Curse: Venix75
    Nintendo ID: Venix99 (never said I was consistent)
    3DS FC: 3883-5877-0764
    YouTube: Venix75
    Last.FM: Venix75

    NK: Bannedfrom7 lulugames
    Twitch: Lulugam
    Showdown!: Bannedfrom7 lulugames

    Note: Since this is a new forum and a lot of information is out-dated, you'll have to re-enter your data if you want to be on the list. Also, it would be helpful to both the mods and others if you properly link your profiles when you give out your information so we don't have to go searching for you.
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    My data (List me as island ko)
    Ninja kiwi: island ko
    Discord: Damn it Hougetsu#8056
    Youtube: Island KO
    Google+: Island KO (Extra account in Google+ is called Hougetsu)
    Mcleod: HougetsuLen
    Wattpad: Sirhougetsu
    Animal jam: Sirhougetsu
    Originally posted by Nucleus
    Am I really dead when I move and eat like a living being? I must be a zombie!

    Did you know the humming bird moth exists?
    I love Bandana (Waddle) Dee too much.
    Sorry Hougetsu I love you too.
    My google+ profile
    Wattpad page
    Current avatar:Bandana Waddle Dee