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Absences, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Leavings and Returns [And NO discussion]

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  • Absences, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Leavings and Returns [And NO discussion]

    Originally posted by TrueChaosS
    If you're going to be absent from the forums for a while, or leaving for good, let us know here. Also, if you're coming back, post to let us know. This way, we can keep track of who is coming or leaving without a new thread for every instance :3

    I may consider keeping a list up here of all people who are away.
    I'll probably stop updating it if this thread becomes quite hectic, however.

    I would also like to formally request a sticky so this thread gets seen and used...
    If it gets flooded down even half a page, people will ignore it.

    I know some mods may think this thread is useless, but it works in the long run.
    It helps stop threads cluttering the board every time someone is gonna be inactive.
    It also helps keep all messages in one place, so everyone subscribed will be notified.
    All in all, I believe the pros to this thread outweigh the cons, hence me making it.
    Do not get off topic. No posting here allowed unless you are leaving/going away for a while/etc. Having less time on the forums because of school or whatever else does not count as an absence, leaving, or return.

    Link to the old thread

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    So I'm having surgery on Friday, which means I'll be on hiatus while I'm in the hospital and for a few days after. Wish me luck! *gulp*


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      Hey everyone. It's my 24 hour anniversary!...... It feels like just yesterday that I saw Aaron's announcement saying that the new forums were up and running.....
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        technically a return

        hey guys how's it going ark here turns out path of exile is preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty good I was ip banned before for forum trolling but I don't feel like doing that now because of the effort nk put into the new site and the fact that I kind of feel dirty for not being banned anymore (not that it affected my life that much)

        don't expect me to contribute anything particularly insightful I'm just a full autismo teen living in his mother's basement but do expect me to own plebs in rap battles again like here

        maybe nk will just ban me instantly again who knows lol I'll just push path ladder again

        I highly recommend path of exile it's a fun ARPG game XD XD XD

        edit: actually cp locked the rap battle thread maybe that's a bad idea
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          I think this could work. Just add some rules against flaming people.
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            Well starting today,I'm out until the end of the year :P

            Mah stupid advertising.Don't click,it contains cookies and meme machines and its also not that toxic(not at all)

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              So I recently took a relatively unannounced break from the forums because I was spending a lot time with a sick family member. The news of the illness came up fairly quickly so I didn't really have much time to notify people.

              All that matters is that I'm back now and ready to unjustly ban anyone who threatens me
              I'm Jony, one of the mods here at NK. Feel free to PM me with any questions/concerns, if there's a situation that needs to be dealt with, or if you just want to chat.
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                I apologize that I didn't post this sooner.

                Anyway, Back on the 17th of June some relatives and I traveled to So Cal to visit a couple of other relatives of ours. We just came back to Nor Cal just now. It was fun!
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                  So, hi. I won't be very active on the new forums until the new suggestion forums appear, but I'll try. I was active in January 2015, January 2013, and most of 2012. So... off and on. Anyway, I'm here, and so I hope to have fun.


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                    Hello fellow Forum members!

                    Seems yet again I find myself back into the Ninja Kiwi Forums after a leave of absence due to my job. I was well taken back when I discovered that there was a new forum!

                    A lot of friends and memories where shared/made in the Archives, alas it is good to see a change/update! I will yet again try to strive to give help and advice to all forum member's regardless! I hope to see some old faces and meet new friends in this forum.

                    In the meantime I will be snooping around the forums absorbing as much Information as I can, If there is any insightful knowledge you can share with me be it forum or how Ninja Kiwi may have changed please feel free to message me as we can only get better together and as a community!

                    Looking forward to watching this great community grow and become more significant to the growth of Ninja Kiwi!


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                      I'm leaving for about a fortnight to go to france, so i might be inactive in that time.
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                        I'm back from the dead. Long time no see, NK Forums.
                        Lets pop those bloons mates!


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                          it's my birthday

                          literally no one knows that :')
                          I'm just a Quick Procrastinator who should be working on their homework.

                          Originally posted by nanahira
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                            Well grats turns out you and I have the same birthday.

                            (Tis my Bday today)


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                              Hurricane Matthew is going to strike near where I live. Luckily, I'm not on the coastline, but I'm still pretty close to it so I might lose power for up to a week, maybe longer. So if there's an inactivity from me, that's why.