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An Actual BTD RPG Game? (Likely not possible)

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  • An Actual BTD RPG Game? (Likely not possible)

    I'm just wonder how a BTD RPG would work. Sure, they could do Scott Cawthon's FNAF World, and have characters from all games, but this is my idea.

    It would have no dialogue
    It would have descriptions of objectives in boxes
    Damage cap of 99999HP
    Branching Upgrade Paths

    Possible Predictions (Guesses/Theories)
    Dart Monkey (Protagonist)
    Spike Factory (Dart Assist)
    Bomb Tower (Dart Assist)
    Tack Shooter (Special Shield)
    Monkey Sub/Monkey Buccaneer (Pool Towers)
    Agents (Assists)
    Other Towers (Max Team of 6, have unique abilities)

    Red Bloons (100HP)
    Other layers (+50HP for every layer)
    MOABs (3000HP)
    DDTs: (9340HP) (Camo/Regrow Properties)
    BFBs (18000HP)
    ZOMG (99999HP)
    King ZOMG (299999HP, Antagonist)

    Dart Abilities
    Dart (Targets 1 Bloon)
    Sightseer (Detects Camo Bloons)
    Triple Dart (Targets 2-3 Bloons, Targeted Bloons takes more damage)
    Spike Ball (Shoots a Spike Ball)
    Juggernaut (Shoots a Giant Spike Ball, does 3x damage to Ceramic and up)
    Super Monkey Fan Club (All dart weapons do 5x damage, lasts 5 turns, and gets 2 extra dart companions who do 0.3x damage of normal Dart Monkey)


    Pink: Has a 10% chance to evade attacks
    Lead: Requires explosive damage to pop layer instantly, or HP/4.5 damage
    Black/Zebra: Takes 0.4x damage from explosives
    White/Zebra: Takes 0.4x damage from freeze
    Camo/DDT: Cannot be detected by towers that cannot see them
    Regrow/DDT: Regenerates 75HP, or 1% of HP every turn (Whichever is more)
    Shield: Blocks 50% of damage, works for first half of HP
    Spike: Monkeys take 17.5% of the damage dealt.
    MOAB Class Bloons: Deal 1.3x damage to monkey towers, and 0.5x against non-monkey towers
    King ZOMG: Deals 1.7x against monkey towers, and 1.0x against non-monkey towers

    You can add your ideas for what the game can become.
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    Sounds interesting. This could actually work if done right.
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      Originally posted by The Mochinator View Post
      Sounds interesting. This could actually work if done right.
      It totally could. It would likely be on the NK site and Steam, then have a release on mobile, probably slightly downgraded.

      Well, all of you can post your ideas, so why not have a shot with it?
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        It should have stuff like timing attacks or inputs to make attacks not fail or make them stronger (like farts from South Park The Stick of Truth)

        Looks like I made a bump on accident :|
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