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    As someone who has beaten the first 60 levels of the game, I present to you...

    Inward Hellix

    60(+16) levels of changing the URL - similar to games like NotPron and Ze?t. I suggest you do the tutorials first - they will give you a good mindset while playing this.

    If you need help, feel free to post here, but DO NOT post spoilers! Hints are okay, but not spoilers.

    Current progress: 65/76

    Other links if you need help:
    Official forum
    (Unofficial) Discord channel
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    What an epic fail of a quote:
    Originally posted by Original Otaku
    If you see the challenge made by the notable users incogneato, sniper 355, The Supermonkey (formerly JamesNg2), lla26, Gamzdude, or Superbloons321 (formerly Simone Esposito), you better run for your life.