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Test your computer's ability to run Flash with Flash Benchmark '08!

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  • Test your computer's ability to run Flash with Flash Benchmark '08!

    This is a way to test your computer's ability to run flash games.

    My results with computer #1:

    With my score of 15,681, I find BMC on Chrome somewhat to fairly laggy, particularly when I use Road Spikes or Cleansing Foam. I tested SAS4 and found a level 20 game on Single Player quite laggy, but low quality being fairly laggy.

    Acer Aspire 5750 (laptop)

    First used April 14, 2011

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    Core i5 2410M processor

    4 GB DDR3 RAM

    Intel HD Graphics Mobile

    640 GB SATA drive (268/581 GB available)

    Internet speed: test shows 32.18 Mb/s download speed and 26.17 Mb/s upload speed.

    Tested using Chrome.

    My results with computer #2:

    On Chrome, I can run BMC with minimal lag on a Bloon Beacon tile, even with music playing on another tab with YouTube and other tabs open. SAS4 is minimally laggy for a level 20, even on high quality.

    Dell XPS 8700 (desktop)

    First used January 15, 2014

    Windows 8.1 basic edition 64-bit

    Core i7 4770 processor

    8 GB DDR3 RAM

    GeForce GT 635

    1 TB SATA drive (730/917 GB available)

    (I've seen download speed as high as 700-800 Mb/s.) test shows 402.7 Mb/s download speed and 101.4 Mb/s upload speed.

    Tested using Chrome.

    I'm curious to know your results and your analysis.
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    The bloonchipper is the best.

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      only know my cpu is i7, others i dont know


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        >> - Preliminary
        >> - Secondary

        Benchmarked using Google Chrome and flash process set on High. With only a minuscule (merely un-noticeable) amount of dropped frames and performance fluctuation prior to finishing the second test, Adobe handles processing quite nicely overtime... despite the common controversy about how Flash becomes more sluggish during extended uptime. Since Flash can only run within an internet browser, it's mostly the capability of both the browser and the processing unit in use (CPU/GPU), which are the most influencial factors.

        Platform | Laptop, Gaming Rig
        OS | Windows 10 Home Single Language
        CPU | Intel i7 Quad Core 2.6 GHz
        GPU | GeForce GTX 970M
        MEM | 8 GB (7.8)
        HDD | <1 TB (930 GB)
        NET | Broadband Dual-Band (5G)
        For IN-GAME BUG/POTENTIAL CHEATER REPORTS | The disclosed content will be intact for five (5) working days, starting from Monday - Friday. Outdated attachments and/or URL links will be wiped momentarily.


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          It's nice how this flash benchmark is still around. However, it's hard to know if any post-2008 optimizations with flash have made it less accurate.


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              I didn't even get to ultra. I scored a little over 14000
              I'd say that it's been 4 months since I've posted on the NK Forums


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                Ultra is very hard to get anyway.

                Oh, and feel free to post on this as you wish, regardless of how old. I do not mind.

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