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[ENDED] Blog competition 14th -21st September, 2018 - Design a Tower Keepers Campaign

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  • [ENDED] Blog competition 14th -21st September, 2018 - Design a Tower Keepers Campaign

    This is an archive of the Design a Tower Keepers Campaign competition found on the weekly NK blog.
    We want you to design us a Tower Keepers Campaign! Of course, there are some limitations on what we can do (which includes the name!) but we want to see what you guys can come up with.

    Give us:
    • A theme
    • A story about a hero
    • Loot/ reward
    • Or some details on what monsters you think would be awesome to face off against all in one campaign

    Link to the original blog that contained the competition.
    LordOfKaon - with their submission:

    Fighter Campaign
    (screenshot here)

    The story: Fighter has been sitting on the benches for too long, and is ready for some fun, so he calls all his fighting buddies and rallies them up for a showdown.
    Requires: Fighter and one monster or machine must be in the party. Aim is to make Fighter relevant to completing the campaign because he is very under-used purely due to not having a good niche. Final level extreme would require 7* Fighter equipped with level 75 + 11 enchanted Praetors Righteousness and Keldis Raiment, along with a high end monster like level 70 Shikar or level 80 Bastian (possibly level 65 Corrupted Inquisitor if that can work), and possible Common rarity potions to complete.

    Fighter, all skins featured.

    Enemies like:
    Bandit Cutthroat
    Skeletal Warrior
    Orc Warrior
    Orc Warchanter
    Ogre Brute
    Frozen Blood Executioner
    Frozen Blood Veteran
    Frozen Blood Hero
    Armoured Troll
    Black Fist Enforcer
    Undead Warlord

    (basically fightery-type guys)

    Enemies would have capped magic resists, low base armor, but would also use fighters 'shield allies' skill sometimes.

    Enemies would borrow various melee type attacks from other heroes, especially from fighter, but also attacks like sunder (knight), leaping strike, weapon throw (barbarian), cheap shot, flanking strike (thief), blinding strike (monk), triple strike (amazon), feint, riposte (swashbuckler).

    Rewards would be assorted crafting components and item boosters, along with trophy equipment that can be equipped by Fighter (maybe a Chainskin on an intermediate level that could help mid range players... and level 80 vorpal warsword on final lvl extreme anyone?).

    1st Place:

    Submitted concept will be worked into a TK campaign
    Level 80-100 Super Rare
    Random bag of goodies

    2nd Place:

    Level 80-100 Super Rare
    Random bag of goodies

    3rd Place:

    A level 80-100 Super Rare
    Runner ups:

    2nd: Crazywhiteman418 with the entry - Necromancer Campaign
    3rd: Neapolitan with the entry - Swashbuckler’s Fandango