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[ENDED] Blog competition 13th - 20th July, 2018 - Aaron Hero

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  • KillaZombieForMommy
    Aww Aaron was my favorite person from NK and always helped me whenever I was In need. To you Aaron wherever you are wishing you nothing but the best!!!

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  • KillaZombieForMommy
    Thanks Salmon, I hate all these post replies that have nothing to do with the topic or just send viewers to download some malware.

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  • qwertyxp2000
    Cool! Very interesting indeed!

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  • [ENDED] Blog competition 13th - 20th July, 2018 - Aaron Hero

    This is an archive of the recent Aaron Hero competition just in case anyone wanted to read through some of the other entries.
    Design the Aaron Hero.
    Following the same hero ruleset from BTD 6 your submission will be made up of the following:
    • Hero Title
    • Hero description
    • Level 3 Skill
    • Level 10 Skill
    • Level 20 Skill / buff
    Link to the original blog that contained the competition.

    PBStormForce with their Aaron the Community Manager entry:

    Aaron the Community Manager

    Managers the community. Duh...
    Level 3: Grants all monkey's increased pierce, popping power and range for a short duration
    Level 10: Moves the strongest bloon (Max Zomg) into the hacker pool, dealing 50% damage and then returning it to the start
    Level 20: Aaron ascends into his true form, unleashing his wrath upon the bloons. Destroys all bloons instantly, deals massive damage to moabs, and lets out a battle cry, massively increasing the attack speed of all towers in his radius for a short duration

    All entries during the event duration received the Aaronling forum badge

    Additional entries:
    Submitted by Mr Kepiro
    Aaron - Coconut Farmer:
    Aaron - coconut farmer
    Aaron is a hard-working monkey who will use his coconut gun to take down huge clusters of bloons from a long range - (coconuts have high pierce, but they don't explode, leveling it up makes them break into frags)
    Level 3: Giga-nut: shoots a gigantic coconut that knocks all bloons away from it's path - (when hitting a MOAB-class bloon (expect when it's a BAD) it stops them for a fraction of a second)
    Level 10: Coconut frenzy: for 10 seconds, all ceramic bloons in it's range instantly turns into coconut bloons. Popping them gives you 50$ - (coconut bloons are slower and has the same toughness as those ceramic bloons which they transformed from (including fortified and damaged ceramics))
    Level 20: Giga-nuts now knocks back MOAB-class Bloons - (Every MOAB-class Bloons expect BADs)

    Submitted by Rangas
    Aaron, The Sun Demi-God:
    Aaron, The Sun Demi-God
    The son of the Sun God, sent in order to make justice against bloons. He can sense and target any bloon on screen, including camo.
    Level 3: Sun Worshiper: Aaron transforms itself into a sun avatar, with reduced power (25% power), during 10 seconds
    Level 10: Sun pray: All sun temples and True Sun Gods are buffed with double popping power and +1 damage for 12 seconds
    Level 20: Sun Worshiper ability has full power and lasts 15 seconds

    Submitted by JokopoKing
    Da Best Eva.
    Level 3: Blog Post, Everyone does infinite damage for 3 minutes
    Level 10: Kills all bloons on screen
    Level 20: Ends the round

    Submitted by NemomonNemo
    Aaron the Great:
    Aaron the Great
    The are no Bloons he would be unable to count. While his right hand adds together various Bloons, his left hand subtracts them.
    Level 3: Harder DC: Increases the rank of all Bloons on the screen by 1 up to BFB
    Level 10: Surprise Attack: Immediately sends extra bloons against you. Their amount is equal to half of the current round's RBE
    Level 20: Level 20 Skill / buff: Surprise Attack sends 75% of the current round's RBE, plus 1 ZOMG

    Submitted by PTpirahna
    Aaron - The Bearded Buffer $700:
    Aaron - The Bearded Buffer $700

    Normally you just place down your monkeys and pay them their money. Nothing to it. But Aaron cares more about your defense force than that. He may not be the one who pops the most bloons, but everyone agrees that everything is better with him.
    Attacks by throwing a large dart at the same rate as a 0/0/0 alchemist, which pierces 6 bloons and attempts to hug the track loosely, while it can turn fast enough to follow curved tracks like Tree Stump and Underground it can’t do 90 degree turns. Monkey towers in his Obyn-sized range are able to bypass bloon immunities 20% of the time.
    Level 3: Community Announcement: Monkey towers in Aaron’s range gain an Advanced Intel-esque range, infinite projectile lifespan, and increased projectile speed for 10 seconds
    Level 10: Ban: Bans the strongest bloon on screen, making it so that for the next 10 seconds, any new instances of the bloon will be popped to the rank under it (e.g. using Ban on round 63 during a ceramic rush results in the next ceramic rush spawning as rainbows but nothing will happen to the first rush). Fortified blimps will only take half HP damage (but fortified leads and ceramics will be popped to blacks/rainbows) and freeplay ramped blimps will only take damage as if they were a non ramped blimp (banning moabs on round 101 will spawn moabs with 200 less hp instead of ceramics). Has a very long cooldown
    Level 20: Banned bloons become decamoized/regenized and fortified blimps take full hp damage from bans (e.g. banned fortified moab will now take 400)

    Submitted by Kopatcheka
    The AARON and nobody else:
    The AARON and nobody else
    Shines in all colors to reflect each member and its uniqueness of the community and makes sure everyone likes him. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this character. Does not look like a monkey - looks like the NK impersonation in one big and bold character.
    Level 3: Listens to each person and responds in lightening speed
    Level 10: Fixes any problem and be it ever so small or big, nothing is left undone to correct something
    Level 20: Whoever is still unhappy at this point is being made happy using his magic skills Bonus feature: Aaron gets a halo and will forever be an honorary member of NK and his ghost will forever haunt any member of the NK community that dares to do funny stuff aka cheat in any game

    Submitted by Cirpikek
    Aaron the Monkey God:
    Aaron the Monkey God
    Shoots a sprite not found projectile at bloons, dealing 2 layers of damage.
    Level 3: Throws a data.jet at bloons dealing 13 or 12 or 2011 damage
    Level 10: Just deletes all bloons and deals 500 damage to moabs. Does not affect ZOMGs, BADs and DDTs
    Level 20: The level 3 ability became the main attack and the actual lvl3 ability now throws 3 2x stronger data.jets

    Submitted by mikigargiulo3
    Aaron the Astronaut:
    Aaron the Astronaut
    That's one small step for a monkey, one giant leap for monkey-kind. With his high IQ and astronomical skills, returned from space solely to defend his homeland. Aaron sucks bloons with his vacuum pipe one at a time, holds it for a few seconds (3), pops it once, then blows it away from the exit.
    Level 3: Summons a small meteorite to a specified point of the map, popping, stunning and burning all the bloons in the impact site. Cooldown 30 seconds
    Level 10: Partial Eclipse: The map turns dark, monkeys put their protective black glasses on, because an imminent eclipse will cast a powerful and dangerous diffused ray all over the map, dealing constant damage to everything on screen for 8 seconds (1 Damage/sec). Bloons are blinded and 5% of them moves the wrong way, except MOAB class. Cooldown 60 seconds
    Level 20: Total eclipse: During the eclipse bloons receive double damage, lead bloons are no longer immune, MOAB class bloons receive 20 damage (total) and a Gravitational anomaly makes all bloons in Aaron's range attracted by him, making them orbit around Aaron for the entire duration of the eclipse. Cooldown 60 seconds
    Addition levels:
    Level 2:
    pops sucked bloon 3 times before blowing it away, but holds the bloons for twice as much time
    Level 4: blows bloons further
    Level 5: Gravitational anomaly: Bloons next to Aaron are attracted to him, making them move slower. The more bloons are attracted, the less each one is slowed down, though
    Level 6: Decreases popping time by 50%
    Level 7: Miniature black holes: Randomly creates over the map mini black-holes every 12 seconds, which hold up to 20 bloons in place. Each black hole lasts 5 seconds
    Level 8: An additional vacuum pipe makes Aaron able to hold two bloons at once
    Level 9: Vacuum pumps suck air out of the victim bloons, deflating them, making them move 50% slower and lose their immunities
    Level 11: Third vacuum pipe to suck one more bloon at a time
    Level 12: Bloons are popped even faster (once per second)
    Level 13: Bloons are blown away even further
    Level 14: Meteor shower: Level 3 ability summons 3 small meteors instead of 1, in the same selected place, each falls a few seconds after the previous one
    Level 15: Low gravity: Aaron uses boot propulsors to relocate himself jumping towards the target bloon, depending on target priority
    Level 16: Photovoltaic cells: Increased energy for suction pumps makes Aaron able to pop bloons 5 times in 3 seconds
    Level 17: Gas venting: Adds an additional tube which only blows away bloons (3 per second)
    Level 18: Jetpack: Aaron uses his jetpack to pursuit bloons to suck, pop and blow
    Level 19: Electrolysis: Powerful jolt jumps from bloon to bloon splitting them: Zebra into black and white; Rainbow into 1 Red, 1 Blue, 2 Green, 3 Yellow, 3 Pink; Purple into 1 red and 1 blue. Others are simply popped or damaged by 1

    Submitted by angelo-sky
    Aaron the Pirate King:
    Aaron the Pirate King
    Aaron seems like a normal Pirate at first, but don't mess with him! His crew is helping him out at any cost. Aarrrrrrrr!
    Level 3: Crew Call: "Aaron calls his crew for help at the battlefield." His crew jumps out of the boat and fight the bloons. His crew consists of a few monkeys with swords, which individually pop 1 layer per swing. Duration: 5 seconds. The damage per sword hit and/or the attack speed get higher every few levels
    Level 10: Parrot Power: "Aaron tells his parrot to fly around the map and peck bloons. When he comes back you get gold equivalent to the amount of bloons he popped
    Level 20: Crew Call spawns many more Pirates now!
    You could also extend the duration of this ability if its needed. He and his boat also look cooler now . Oh yeah it would be kinda cool if you could give him like a passive buff to all boats or all water towers in his range.
    Q: Why do i want "Aaron the Pirate King" in the game?
    A: 1. We don't have a water-placeable hero yet, which would be really cool.
    2. Simply because of the "Aarrrrrrr(on)!" joke.
    Thank you for your attention.

    Submitted by DamageMaximo
    Aaron the Magical Master:
    Aaron the Magical Master
    This 'lil' dude will come in handy if you have plenty of wizards,making it's own work by destroying the bloons with it's own tornadoes and firebreath.
    Level 3: Magical Rush: Increases all wizards in it's range fire rate in 25% for 5 second along with himself
    Level 10: Wizard Fan Club: Turns 10 Wizards in 4/4/4 Wizard Lords for 10 seconds
    Level 20: Magical Rush Ability makes all Wizards firerate 50% faster for 10 seconds (using both abilites in the same time maybe would do something amazing)

    Submitted by lucashi
    Aaron – Community Manager:
    Aaron – Community Manager
    An excellent Community Manager from Ninjakiwi. He does not attack himself, but he uses his managing skills to grow a community of dedicated fans.
    Level 3: Community Growth – Using his blog, he allows you to buy a 0/0/0 dart monkey for free
    Level 10: NK Hype – When activated, resets the cooldown of all monkey fan clubs
    Level 20: NK Hype's cooldown is halved

    Submitted by login642
    This mystical beast sprays bloons with Aaronformula that forces bloons to morph into smaller bloons.
    Level 3: Puts down a game changer that brings all bloons that come in it down 3 layers
    Level 10: Massive shockwave brings all bloons down 6 layers on screen
    Level 20: Shockwave brings all bloons down 10 layers and stuns them to support the community of monkeys on screen

    Submitted by Jams3
    Aaron The Potions Master:
    Aaron The Potions Master
    Aaron is a descendant of a long line of Potion Masters and wants to continue the family Legacy. As the rounds go she learns more and more about potions and will in turn become a master of potions.
    Level 3: Every few seconds Aaron will throw a strong potion to the biggest bloon on screen.
    Level 10: She will throw a potion of mass destruction and strip special properties off regen bloons (only) and pop them (similar to corrosive glue)
    Level 20: The level 10 ability will become stronger (Pops bloons faster and strips all special properties off bloons)

    Submitted by Gamerverise​​​​​​​
    A kind-hearted soul who emits a powerful aura that gives all other towers extra range and benefits-- it also slows down and slowly pops bloons.
    Level 3: Electric Surge - For a few seconds, any bloon that passes through the aura gets 2 layers shredded per half second
    Level 10: Favorable Odds - All incoming bloons slow down while all towers speed up for a short period of time
    Level 20: Doublevision - All towers within the aura get double the cash per pop for a short period of time. Electric Surge is permanent, while the skill becomes even stronger and damages MOAB-class bloons

    Submitted by Some Try Hard​​​​​​​
    The Aaronministrator:
    The Aaronministrator​​​​​​​
    The administrator of death knows only that word for the evil bloons, but has a kind heart for monkeys on his side. Costs 1,000.
    Level 3: Monkey booster. Upon activation, all towers in Aaron's radius receive double pierce for 10 seconds
    Level 10: Administering death. Upon activation, ALL bloons (including moab class bloons) are stripped of regrow, camo, and purple. All bloons are hit for 4 layers
    Level 15: Monkey booster ability now triples pierce, and increases attack speed of all towers in area by 15% for 15 seconds
    Level 20: Administering death ability now also reduces health of ALL moab class bloons (this doesn't include bloons inside) by 15%, all bloons are stripped of 10 layers, and both abilitys come back 10% faster. Additionally Aaron's popping power and pierce are doubled.(this is constant)

    Submitted by jstt22
    Aaron the frog:
    Aaron the frog​​​​​​​
    I always imagined Aaron being a frog that makes too much frog noises :3 So I present: Aaron the frog. As you can see, Aaron can be placed in water, just as the submarine and Buccaneer. Aaron is mostly supportive and needs help from other monkeys! Before you read the rest, everything before the 1-20lvl path are their starting/base stats. Take everything from the 1-20lvl into consideration. Primary Attack: Aaron can spew out a beam of water. This doesn't got that much popping power (1), but it is a continues beam that can pop multiple bloons in a small area.
    Level 3: Wave: For it's first ability it can create a wave of water that travels back the road knocking back bloons. This also helps for Aaron himself since he pushes all bloons on the same line so he can slowly pop them all at the same time!
    Level 10: Whirlpool: Creates a whirlpool sucking bloons into the water for 4sec seconds (like Chipper used to do). Every bloon loses 1 layer per second
    Level 10: Boiling: Aaron's water is now boiling! Getting stronger popping power (3) and able to pop leds/frozen bloons for 3 sec
    Level 20: As for Aaron's passives, he can create up to 3 lily pads around him. Small towers like Ninja, Druid and Alchemist can be placed on them! As for some his levels, he can make other towers shoot faster! (since we already got Obyn for the slow)
    Level 1: Enables Aaron to attack the bloons with his continues beam of water!
    Level 2: Spawns 1 lily pad around him.
    Level 3: Gains the Wave ability.
    Level 4: Spews out water 5% faster.
    Level 5: Wave now pops 2 layers of bloons on impact!
    Level 6: Wave pushes back more bloons further away!
    Level 7: His primary attack now pops 2 layers of bloons.
    Level 8: Spawns another lily pad around him.
    Level 9: Every tower placed on a lily pad gains 5% increased attack speed.
    Level 10: Gains the Whirlpool/Boiling ability.
    Level 11: Spews out water 10% faster!
    Level 12: His primary attack now pops 3 layers of bloons.
    Level 13: Wave pops (+2) and pushes back even more bloons even further away
    Level 14: Spawns another lily pad around him.
    Level 15: 2nd abilitie lasts longer. (4sec)
    Level 16: His primary attack now pops 4 layers of bloons.
    Level 17: Every tower placed on a lily pad gains another additional 5% increased attack speed.
    Level 18: Wave pops another additional 2 layers on impact.
    Level 19: 2nd ability lasts even longer! (5sec) and will pop +3 layers. 20: When your 2nd abilitie (Whirlpool or boiling) is activated, Aaron will leave water on the track. Slowing the bloons 25% down.
    It's abilities also reflect his job: He is a support, does the things together with great effect. However sometimes you have to PUSH-BACK some people (1st ability) and sometimes you have to heat things up or get right to the point (2nd ability) and all in all. He was super effective ;D

    Submitted by problem110
    Aaron: Hammer of Justice:
    Aaron: Hammer of Justice​​​​​​​
    Armed with his trusty hammer, Aaron can strike fear into bloons and fix any problem.
    Level 3: Whacks a tower with his hammer to make it shoot faster for several seconds. Either by hammering something in to improve it or because it was slacking off
    Level 10: Ban Hammer can ban any single bloon except a BAD
    Level 20: Aaron fully ascends into Amdinistrator mode. Ban Hammer has a shorter cooldown and now stuns nearby bloons when used