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  • Competitions Archive Forum

    This area will hold our various competitions and special events, and/or archive them after completion.
    This is obviously more for forum/blog related events, as in game ones will simply be done in the actual game for the most part.

    Some notes to keep in mind for this area:
    • Events related to a specific game will likely just be posted in that game's forum, however moved here after completion.
    • Competition titles will be marked with [Ended] to show when the listed event is no longer running
    • For Ended events, unless the topic is closed you can free to comment on these past events still.
    • We may take in the future take suggestions here, or assist with user-run events but no guarantees there for now.
    No badgers were harmed in the making of this forum. Most likely. I'm like, 75% sure. But don't quote me on that or I'll have to harm a badger.