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Flash-BTD Battles Bug Report Thread

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    Hi, I am just here to ask why am I in the hacker pool, I do not hack, just mod for fun every now and then in private matches with my friends, but i never went into public matches with mods on, please help me.


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      I have been playing BTD battles since 3 years and have experienced this a lot, however this time, I lost 10k medallions, My internet runs very well without any problems, but I got disconnected many times and lost my medallions

      I hope you understand this and give me back my 10k medallions

      Bug: Getting Disconnected While having really Good internet
      Bug Report: I was playing Mob pit and randomly got disconnected by a player named MrAwesomer2005

      How to Replicate: You can give my medallions back, I lost 10k


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        Quick play/asault mode.

        I had about 70% winning rate. But I played lot of games with week opponents. (They die soon maybe send an annoying attack before leaving.) So I started to escape if the oppenent is under 50 %. Now my statistics is still about 60 % but I got ONLY week opponents about 40 % success rate. I understand that my statistic become wrong but how can I avoid this situation ? NO, I do not want to play a lot boring games to get back my rate.

        Would be nice to have an option whether I would like to wait more to select an opponent with the same strength or I would like to play immediatelly anyway.