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  • DC Glitch Report Thread

    Use this thread to report any players who deliberately disconnect by closing the tab when they are about to lose.

    Since this version of the game doesn't have a timer that guarantees a win if your opponent disconnects, I decided to make this thread.

    Yes, there are times where the game does know when your opponent DCs, but if they close out the tab the game will hang like in the two cases below. Wait at least a minute before taking the screenshot to be 100% sure that they used the DC glitch as some people's Internet may be faulty.

    I'll start with these two clowns, please reimburse me.:

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    I love you Bloons. So much, that I want to pop you.

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    Well , some players are just like that.Y ou cannot help it


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      Recording would be better than screenshot, so you can see the duration of the DC.


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        That's the second time he disconnected vs me when he was about to lose (sending failed ZOMG rush)