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Feature request for Clans

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  • Feature request for Clans

    It would be great if clan leaders could use clan settings to specify a minimum badge which players must have to apply to their clan. Currently everyone starts by applying to the top clan and working their way down the list, which results in a constant mass of newbies and other unqualified players clogging up queues. A set minimum would make clan management simpler, and save players time wasted applying to clans they have no shot of getting into.

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    I not played BTD Battles Mobile yet (only Web) but from my experiences in other games such an setting can also cause negative things as i also assume that in tower keepers clans with such a badge setting might have the advantage that they getter mostly the better players while clans without that get punished as they then get all still and there then much less will be good player i guess.

    Though the advantages of such a setting are definitely so much more worth and good than the 1 disadvantage i can imagine is bad that it definitely seems like an good idea to add such an setting but it should then not have too many setting options but maybe only 5 or so (thats more fair as then thats a good for all noobs and pros)


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      That would be an awesome addition!

      I have a few wishes myself too:

      - Give us more detail about when a player was active for the last time, that would make it easier to kick inactive players.
      - Introduce a button after the game ends and if you click it you can invite your opponent to be part of your clan.
      - Make it possible to search for other players in the 'directory' and invite them to your clan


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        nice suggestion!


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          I think these things to be apply to it, but for doing this we need to have some more information about the players like the condition on which the players are playing the game.


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            As a clan owner myself (The Forsaken Ones) I think that would be an awesome feature for NK to add.
            I see all.