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    i want the 2-4 glue striker as a card with 2 tailing zomgs(not fast cooldown) on the bottom part. the 2-4 glue striker should cost $4000 because one of the major bloons youtuber said that $4000 towers are good. the 2 tailing zomgs should cost $16000 because it is bigger than the 1 zomg and smaller than the 6 zomg (-800eco). it should also be tailing because splash towers like the ToTMG can't kill them easily. put your ideas down on the comments and comments.

    i think they also need to add 2-3 sproket engineer for $2200 and $3000 75 fast- cooldown black bloons to it. the bloons give you 125 eco
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    cobras r the best and people who think they shouldn't be in battle arenas are noobs. i can comment this becuse i created the post


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      afnmeng1 There is a topic I made on the Battles Forums. If you want to see the ideas, go to it. Unfortunately it is dead. But I'm sure you can revive it.
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        Hmm I think the price of towers in a card reflect what it would have cost to build it in a non card game minus a certain percentage or amount (haven't done the math but surely there is some to do here ) so to get to a price it seems better to check that then some youtuber rule that 4K towers are good (which so depends on the map and what happens meaning tower A of 4K can be better then tower B of 4K and even cheaper towers can be better then a 4K one.

        There are a few ways to send out the big boys combined with expensive towers and that seems logical to me.