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Bloons TD Tournaments! - Discord Server

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  • Shaolin

    I've joined your discord, and I'd like to put mine here too:

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  • NoteInaBottle
    started a topic Bloons TD Tournaments! - Discord Server

    Bloons TD Tournaments! - Discord Server

    I created a Discord Server entirely for Tournaments in Bloons TD Battles. Right now it's pretty much, but I'm looking forward to growing it and start getting tournaments ready to go and play. There are a lot of things I plan to add in the future and things that I have already thought of. So here's pretty much the nuts and bolts of what I have planned and what will be there in the future.

    Planned (Somewhat/Already Done):
    Bloons Cup - Basic, but essentially it's going to be a tournament in a tournament. (The winner of the regular tournament will go in the final tournament).
    Leagues - Essentially how sports run. You will be placed in a league (Group A, Group B, etc.) There will be a schedule of the matches that will take place in your Group. Now, remember, it's ALL tournaments so it's a tournament game (if that makes sense).
    Ranks - Everytime time you win, it will be announced and you can achieve rank titles in the Discord Server. (Does not apply to Tournament Tournaments).
    Game Room - Each Tournament has it's own scheduled room so if you want to talk, you can during the tournament.

    Staff - You can apply for Staff and have certain ranks and jobs to do.
    Challenges - Whatever your imagination can think of.
    More Stuff to Come

    Here's the link, make yourself feel welcome I guess. Looking forward to doing the major of the Regular Tournaments on Weekends. Some of the Weekdays.