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    Dart Monkey

    Our lovely Dart Monkey, born in BTD1 and since then beloved by us Bloons players. It truely turned into the game's icon; A tower so cheap, perfect to suit the early game, and its functions haven't changed since then. The brown remarkable color makes it undeniable a beauty cuty, we'd all agree, wouldn't we? Deadly, is its weapon. He throws a very sharp dart, however not going through more than one bloon per shot. That's why upgrades came to life, making him deadlier and deadlier and his new suits make him cooler and cooler. Ladies and gentleman, a warm welcome for our awesome Dart Monkey!

    Been so long our game, but barely ever in the spotlights in the history of Bloons TD Battles Flash. That's what we're gonna do today!

    1-0 Long Range Darts $90
    Range has, in most cases, never been quite helpful in the Bloons Tower Defense games. Specifically in Bloons TD Battles, where there's so many upgrades that range is more of a waste than a benefit. Though, is there any clarification?

    Yes, there is: increasing the range allows the Dart Monkey to have its target earlier in sight. For $90, you increase the Dart Monkey's range by 56.25%1*. Keep in mind, only a significant percentage of the actual increased range will cover the track efficiently. To be accurate, the new surface should cover 56.25% more track in order to make this upgrade 100% efficient. In practice, this value will be much lower. If we compare this to the Sharp Darts upgrade, the price should be $78.752* at maximum, thus is this upgrade overprised.
    We won't stick there, because there's another as important, maybe even more important, reason why you should stay away from the Dart Monkey's range upgrade. The dart's projectile will not move slower, although your range increased. As a result, the chance your dart will miss its target is more likely with a range increase.
    Yet not convinced? A range increase will also cause your Dart Monkey to target parts of the track you may not want it to target, causing distraction.

    In short: this upgrade is overprised, increases the chance of missing bloons and may cause unintentional distraction.
    *1. (62.5^2*pi (new surface) - 50^2*pi (old surface)) / (50^2*pi (old surface)) *100%; *2. 100% benefit / $140 * 56.25% benefit (if surface is 100% efficiently used)

    2-0 Enhanced Eyesight $120
    Another range upgrade, but that's not it! This one provides camo detection too. Even after lamenting about range, should you consider buying this upgrade?

    The answer is straightforward, only if you need the camo detection. Ususally it's smart to buy this with a Triple Darts or Super Monkey Fan Club, but else I'd recommend to stay away from it.

    3-0 Spike-O-Pult $500
    Oh no, the Dart Monkey stopped using his darts and switched it for a catapult shooting deadly spiked balls which go through 18 bloons! But... are these deadly-looking spike balls in fact as deadly as we think they are?

    The costume is definitely worth five hundred bucks, but jokes aside, with the range upgrades you're forced to buy this upgrade is also overprised. The total price of the Spike-O-Pult is $910, while it pops less bloons than a Bomb Tower or Mortar Monkey.
    That's not its only flaw, because the Spike-O-Pult is also limited to placements. The perfect way to use it, is to put it in a straight line and make it target last or make it chace on purpose while targeting first. With the range upgrades, you're very limited to find a spot which meets these requirements.
    Even if you get your Spike-O-Pult in the perfect spot, you are depending on your opponent to hit those 18 bloons it can persist. And as it fires only one projectile, it can only do one layer of damage against bloons, whilst the Triple Darts can do three layers of damage in theory. Don't forget to mention Triple Darts have way more freedom what regards their placement.
    Moreover, have you ever noticed that the Spike-O-Pult shoots slower than the regular Dart Monkey? Well, it does! You upgrade your tower, yet it will shoot slower...

    In short: again an overprised upgrade which is very limited to spots, is absolutely useless against spaced bloons and its cooldown increases.

    4-0 Juggernaut $1.500
    The Spike-O-Pult fires a deadly spike ball, but in that case, what does the Juggernaut shoot? Its projectile is a devastating, even bigger spiked ball, which hurls over any bloon it can! These balls are so spikey, that they deal extra damage against those clayed bloons and persist 100 bloons at once. Good news! The Juggernaut shoots faster than the Spike-O-Pult and regular Dart Monkey and the projectile has a bigger radius.

    This upgrade has the same handicap as the Spike-O-Pult: it's restricted to certain spots.
    And exactly what I've written above makes this upgrade such a shame! Many towers are weak against ceramics and what comes out, this upgrade could be the perfect solution, but unfortunely this limitation, and the fact that the previously called upgrades are overprised, makes it unviable when generally speaking.

    0-1 Sharp Shots $140
    This is where the Dart Monkey's strenght lays, upgrading his darts. Instead of one, two bloons will pop from one dart.

    It's up to you, two Dart Monkeys for $400, covering more range or buy this upgrade. Just kidding, just take this upgrade. Due to the fact that bloons are usually grouped, it's better to spend $340 and get this upgrade than waste money on, ehm... range.

    0-2 Razor Sharp Shots $170
    And once again the darts undergo an upgrade. These new darts are able to persist not two, but four bloons.

    For BTD5, this upgrade is arguably usable, as money doesn't come in as big chucks of $250 per six seconds. In Defend Mode, however, I don't dare to say whether it's viable or not. With a minor price decrease I think I'd rather stay with this upgrade than saving for the Triple Darts.

    0-3 Triple Darts $330
    After years of practice, the Dart Monkey finally achieved to throw multiple darts at once. Triple darts, triple the pain!

    I apologise in advance NinjaKiwi, but I cannot believe they gave Triple Darts a price tag of $330. Seriously, it feels like NinjaKiwi had some business trip and came back with a bunch of drank&drugs. We've all learnt how to add up and multiply back when we were 8ish, if not even younger, and when I do ($200+$140+$170)*3, I get a total of $1.530. For those who didn't catch the exaggeration, all I'm trying to say is that $330 is very few few for an actually great upgrade, while the previous upgrades might be way too expensive.
    But well, maybe it's kind of fair considering that the dart projectile on flash has a smaller radius than that from mobile, hence one of the reasons Dart Monkeys are better on mobile than flash.

    0-4 Super Monkey Fan Club $8.000
    Woohoo, who else genuinely freaks out when activating this ability, just because 10, yes 10 Super Monkeys appear at the screen annihilating big chunks of B.F.B. or even Z.O.M.G. rushes?! I might be the only one, oh well. Maybe that's because I know a secret...

    Before I'll reveal my secret, let me address two things I think which should (have) be(en) fixed.
    Firstly, when your Dart Monkeys have the Sharp Shots or higher upgrade, the Super Monkeys they turn into also have a higher pierce per dart, which is cool, but a tiny bit overpowered...? I truely love Dart Monkeys, but if I had the possibility to try mod the game I'd definitely nerf the price of the ability and disable this function. Let's see if people'd be able to use Super Monkey Fan Club as blimp popping power and something else for bloons (maybe a maelsto... nvm that's for another day...).
    Then secondly, when you activate the ability and upgrade the Dart Monkey to Juggernaut (or Spike-O-Pult) they actually fire spiked balls. AWESOME! Isn't it? Oh well, that was also my secret...

    Here a clip where you can see these epic Juggernauts in action: (skip to 2m43s)
    Another clip of Super Monkey Fan Club defending Z.O.M.G.s on Hydro: (skip to 2m53s)

    I'd like to end with some Tips&Tricks, but I guess I've said enough for now.

    I hope this was a lovely kind of blog/review of the glorious Dart Monkey. Hopefully the Darts will reign again soon!

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    triple darts might be a bit overpowers but as you see its almost imposs to use all the pierce from all 3 darts (same wiht sungod you there use most of tieme only the pierce of the middle sun ray the outer 2 are most tim for moab class) but they are very good tpo pop grouped red/blues so if you have a good map where you can place them at the track start of the opponent bloons then they can stop these red bllons thus making it easier to do lat egames with your mate


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      Very nice write-up!
      odd how I never choose it but am surprised by the power and versatility of this tower when forced to use it in a R3 game


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        S’pults and Juggernaut is surprisingly good in battles. It’s good lead popping power and spamming s’pults can defend round 13 rushes.


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          Everyone here thinks this is the mobile forum 😛

          the hitboxes of darts are are a joke on flash. This also goes for ace on flash too.
          I saw a button that said edit post signature so I did.

          I forgot I have a Youtube channel:


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            Originally posted by BTD Battles Scrub View Post
            Everyone here thinks this is the mobile forum 😛

            the hitboxes of darts are are a joke on flash. This also goes for ace on flash too.
            I made the hitbox 50 times as large and the effect is nearly invisible: still dying to pinks and grouped bloons are yet deadly.

            I know the aiming of the dart monkey on flash is worse than mobile. On flash, a tower seems to aim at one bloon within its range, tracks it for a second and then, once the animiation is finished, it fires its projectile. This hypothesis seems logical, considering something like that happens with the boomerang monkey too. This targeting mechanism is especially annoying when you want your tower to target the last bloon in a straight line, but then fires totally differently.

            Another hypothesis of mine is that the darts coming out the monkeys hand have a wrong offset. If you look at the triple dart, the dart coming out of the hand is the most left one, and the other two are on the right of it. Similar to the third tier ninja monkey, which doesn't have the offset of its proejctiles centered, causing a very awkward way of shooting. On mobile however, the triple darts spawn correctly with the dart coming out of the hand being the middle one. If not clear, here and (supposingly) example:

            Flash: Mobile:
            D D D | D D D
            H X X | X H X

            I think it's clear that H means Hand and D means Dart. X being nothing (had to fill the room with something as I couldn't use spacebar).

            Let me know what you think of these hypothesis. I'd like to see if I can get the dart monkey to work properly with the power of modding.


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              I would have never guessed that the dart monkey could be that good against Moabs. Might try on casual games since I do have a free slot for my line up


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                Dart Monkey is a great tower, But... I still feel that ninja is better in every way other than price (which makes a big difference).

                I see all.


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                  So I just managed to get an awesome strategy with the Dart Monkey, here it is:

                  You only need Dart and Bomb to execute it, farms might help but I will be using Bloons to get eco here.

                  1: Get a 0-3 Monkey at the very start, save up and get a second monkey, upgrade it up to 0-1 or 0-2, it doesn't matter very much.
                  2: Once you can send bloons always send grouped ones, be sure to balance out sending bloons so that you can upgrade your second monkey to 0-3 and get a third one.
                  3: Once Round 4 kicks in your opponent might send you Pink Bloons. By that time you should already have 2 0-3 Darts and one other Dart Monkey, so upgrade your last monkey all the way up to 0-3 and change 2 of your monkeys' targeting to Strong, you should leak just a few lives if not pop all the bloons. If it doesn't work, rotate the targeting between Monkeys. Generally once your opponent sees it isn't working you should be able to stop.
                  4: Once you have 3 0-3 Dart Monkeys you should start saving up for a Bomb Tower, generally if you execute this well you should have the bomb tower by or before Round 6. Once you do upgrade it all the way up to Cluster Bombs and put it on Close, you should be able to just pop everything your opponent can send at you by that point. Just be careful of Blacks, if you're scared they might send in a black rush get more dart monkeys and sell them once it's over.
                  5: By the time you get Cluster Bombs it's essential to keep sending bloons to raise up your eco, you should have at least 500 by the time Round 10 rolls by, which is where you should stop, or if you get 600 eco before it.
                  6: Everything you need to do is wait until Round 13, saving up money to unleash the fabulous Round 13 Regen Rainbow rush upon your opponent. Now, you might be asking yourself, "but what about round 12? The opponent can just send you camo lead bloons and you won't have any defense to pop them!" Well, THAT is where you're wrong! The opponent will be lured into sending camo bloons instead of preparing for a greater rush because you don't have any defense, but you don't need to worry a single bit! Because Round 12 is so short Round 13 will come before any lead bloon can even exit the track, and so you will be able to send the regen bloons and since they are faster your opponent will die before you do. If you think they can defend, get a Juggernaut with your money and prepare for a later rush. I haven't actually found an opponent which could defend the rush so I don't know what would you do from here on, sorry.


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                    The 0-0 dart monkey, 99 (if not 100) of them, with 4 superwide funnels, (if placed correctly) can beat a ZOMG! First, the first 2 swfs take down the ZOMG, then all 4 of them take down the rest, and the extra bloons goes to the 99 dart monkeys! Haha