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Mortar Stall OP (Story Time)

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  • Mortar Stall OP (Story Time)

    YeAh. before he rushed me with BFBs, I had 3 cluster bombs, 3 3/0 farms, a Bloonjitsu, and 2 2/3 cannons. Guess what, he started to rush me with BFBs. I knew I couldn't defend so I got 4 MOAB mauler sap but all MOABs were taken down, BUT THEY WERE SO CLOSE TO THE EXIT! so I sold my farms for a mortar stall, sold all of the. For a another one, and 1 more, and got a 2/3 mortar, but I had loads of money, so I sold 2 cluster bombs, and started rushing with Fast-Cooldown BFBs.
    I hope you use discord, because all the discord servers I go to is here so see ya there.

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    Nice mate, once I remember when I mortar stalled when 3 MOABs were nearly into the exit, popped one of them, started losing lives, quickly got another mortar stall, one MOAB was halfway thru, then the opponent died to AI.


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      Had that happen twice - once with ceramics and once with MOABs. Got those wins.
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