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Daily challenges are so easy you can just place anything anywhere and still win

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  • Daily challenges are so easy you can just place anything anywhere and still win

    I decided to try this today.

    Today's challenge- Cubism map, medium, 60 rounds. Towers: Hero, dart monkey, plane, ninja, spike factory (1 of each allowed)

    Here's what I did- never used the hero, placed plane in centre, and every other tower I placed randomly somewhere along the track. Then I used a dice to randomly decide which towers to upgrade and which upgrades to buy. Then once the lower upgrades were done I just upgraded the towers whichever upgrade became affordable first.

    I intervened once to ensure I had something to pop leads, but other than that it was an easy win with no lives lost.

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    the easy challenges are extremely easy, they should add more or harder ones with greater rewards i think


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      Daily Challenges are meant to be a bit easy, to not overwhelm the newer players. If you want hard challenges, stick to the Advanced Challenges and Friday Stingers, and look out for user-made challenges on the forums, reddit, or other places!

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        Introduce Medium Challenges.
        There is an extremely large gap between the difficulty of the normal daily challenges and the hard daily challenges.
        Also, get rid of all the microtransaction ads in the Daily Challenge menu. I know I won't buy any of those for sure.