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Kiwipopper6661's challenge 15-8-2019

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  • Kiwipopper6661's challenge 15-8-2019

    Anyone able to beat this without monkey powers?

    My run used SMS on the moab and boost on 47 and 49. I got the 5-0-2 ninja on round 50. The wall of trees was used on the camo leads, and I got lucky with its placement. I probably should have sold Obyn for the tree glitch.

    The moabs seemed to have quadruple health. I thought only normal and double were possible.
    The game says: the bloons have taken over your town
    Green and white Take It Back button appears
    But only in the tutorial
    I tweeted my silly fanfic @jasonc65

    Monkeys are real
    Bombs are real
    #takeitback is real