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[SUGGESTION] Improving the random challenge generator

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  • [SUGGESTION] Improving the random challenge generator

    I really like the new Daily Challenge editor in the game, but the random challenge generator isn't too reliable when it comes to making possible challenges.

    I've briefly mentioned it on the Discord server, but I'll explain everything there is to know about the challenge generator after going through over 200 iterations myself.

    The starting cash is determined by taking a random number between 300 and 500, then multiplies it by the round number. Map difficulty does not affect it.

    This means that if you have a challenge that starts on an early round (around < 30), you'll have way more starting cash than if you played to that round normally. Likewise, if you get one that starts after round 40, more likely than not you'll have less cash. Since this lies true with every difficulty, deflation challenges are mostly impossible due to the crippled starting cash. Round 30-40 challenges are the 'sweet spot' for random challenges as of now.

    The starting round is a random number between 1 and 50, and the end round is between 20 and 60 rounds after the starting round.

    The modifiers have a (fairly high) chance to be set anywhere from 50% to 200%.

    Max towers can be anywhere between 2-9, and it has a 30% chance of showing up in a random challenge. For x of y tower, it can be from 1-5 or infinite, haven't looked much into the probability for it yet. It is possible to see an x of y tower that is greater than the max tower limit in some cases.

    I also haven't looked too much into how it picks how many tower types are allowed in the DC, or whether or not the hero counts as a 'tower' in the algorithm. Assuming this is false, there's a (roughly) 70-75% chance that your challenge will have a hero. In general, most or your challenge rolls will have 3-5 towers, although I have gotten the extremes of both sides.

    For instance, in a few rolls I had only one tower and no hero, and in a few others vice versa. I assumed that because this was happening so often maybe the game would choose the number of towers in a uniform matter and I somehow got 1 tower rolls as often as I'd get 10 tower rolls (which also happened to me once).

    There's more, but it's not too relevant to what I want to share about how I think this random challenge algorithm could be improved.
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    1. Starting cash should not follow a linear formula and it should scale with map difficulty and modifiers.

    As I've mentioned before, linear formulas work poorly for a game like this. Not to mention, if you get a round 1 start you'll be hard pressed to get the towers that you need to make the challenge doable most of the time.

    After looking around on Topper's website for income, I came up with this quadratic to make the starting cash more reliable both early game and late game: 450+10*round2 and for the upper bound 450+12*round2. The challenge generator will choose a random number between those two ranges. While this may not completely remove the impossibleness from round 1 challenge starts, it will make them less of a headache if anyone was trying to look for one. The starting cash should also scale with the map's difficulty in the same way the XP scale for difficulties apply and map modifiers like bloon/blimp health/speed.

    This formula works pretty well for up to round 75, and tbf I wouldn't mind generating random challenges like this up to round 75. Although I also feel the upper bound could use some slight changes - up to round 100 and anywhere between 15-50 rounds in length.

    For deflation mode, the starting cash used should be the average of the start round and the end round in the formula instead of the starting round since I think starting it with the end round might make it too easy but ehh....

    2. Change the way how the towers are picked.

    As this one isn't fully set in stone I don't have much say. However, I still think there could be a way to improve it.

    The max towers should be at least 3 an no less than 1 more than the highest x of y tower, and there should be 3 guaranteed towers.

    The game can pick towers from categories instead of a set number of towers to begin with, with the max being one less than the number of towers in the category. The hero may or may not be a guaranteed tower.
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    Originally posted by Cupid Monkey
    I love you Bloons. So much, that I want to pop you.


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      Following the order of operations, with your formula, round 1 will produce a random integer between 460 and 462 for starting cash. That doesn't sound right. My math:

      first, we square the round. 1^2 is 1. The new formulas are:
      We do the multiplication next (following order of operations). 10*1 is 10, and 12*1 is 12. The new equations are:
      And that reduces to:

      I suggest you add parenthesis where required so as to avoid any confusion, as I'm pretty sure this is not how it's supposed to work, given the extremely small range and very small cash amounts.
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        The small cash range in the early rounds is intentional. Granted, the map difficulty can affect the starting cash too.
        I guess if I wanted to make the numbers a little nicer I could make it round to the nearest multiple of 10.
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        Originally posted by Cupid Monkey
        I love you Bloons. So much, that I want to pop you.