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  • TheNotSoDartling
    O No: Space Blockade Problems

    This is the first challenge of the O No series.

    Track: Moon Landing
    Difficulty: Hard
    Mode: CHIMPS
    Towers: Sniper
    Hero: Nothing
    Rewards: 0-3-0 Sniper Insta, $250MM

    Note further to the challenge: Yes it is possible. You just have to think. If it’s hard for you, PM me. -Nooflets (BTD6 Player Name)
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  • Ravenpuff920
    commented on 's reply
    Please note you will need to choose: Dark Sun God or Normal Sun God? You can't have it on screen unless you want to do this in multiplayer and one of you does Dark and the other gets the other ones.

  • Ravenpuff920
    Originally posted by txcrnr View Post
    Mechanical Madness (Maybe not hard enough to qualify as an advanced challenge...)

    With the engineer away for the time being, use some of his old inventions to stop the bloons!

    Map: Another Brick
    Difficulty: Medium
    Mode: Normal
    Towers: Only Tack Shooters and Spike Factories
    Rewards: 50MM, Road Spikes, and a 2-2-0 Spike Factory
    Inventions Academy:

    Before I joined BTD6, the Engineer Monkey came out. You can only use machines and this character.

    Map: High Finance, since it seems like the buildings are finished using Engineering.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Sub-Category: Alternate Bloon Rounds
    Tower Max: Infinite Machines, Such as Spike Factory, Tack Shooter, Cannon. Heli-Pilots, Aces, Subs, and Mortars count since they use artillery or flying vehicles. You get 12 Engineers.

    Backstory: After the monkeys realized in BTD1 that they needed new technologys, they made new things. By BTD4, they were almost unstoppable. When BTD Monkey City started because of the civil war of Monkeys, they found something that their ancestors had created. Knowledge. Using this magical thing, they advanced quicker. They created learning facilitys. The Inventions Academy made many things that helped aid the Monkeys in their war against the Bloons. The Bloons thought up a force that they could use to destroy them. To make matters worse, The True Sun God couldn't help because of the great devide caused by the Vengeful Monkey God!! The Engineers were all alone. They put some monkeys into planes and helicopters. Submarines went through. They made the machines quicker than ever. Will it be too late? Only YOU can decide!!

    I got the idea from txcrnr's Mechanical Madness. I enjoyed playing through it. Very nicely done challenge.

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  • Ravenpuff920
    Heroes as Towers!!

    Quincy: Crossbow Master!!
    Gwendolin: Pheonix Lord.
    Striker Jones: Bomb Blitz!!
    Obyn: Spirit of the Forest!
    Ezili: Prince of Darkness.
    Benjamin: Monkey-Nomics.
    Churchill: Blooncineration!!
    Pat Fusty: Just use the hero, for god's sake. There is now way I could find one.
    Adora: Either Temple of the Monkey God or True Sun God. Choose one.
    Dark Adora: Vengeful Monkey God.

    Map: Tree Stump
    Difficulty: Easy (These towers are expensive!!), Reverse.
    Towers: 2 Super Monkeys. 1 Dart Monkey. 1 Banana Farm. The Fusty. Mortar Monkey. 2 Wizards. 1 Druid.
    Rewards!!: 3-2-0 Super Monkey, 0-2-4 Dart Monkey, 50 MM, and 2 Super Monkey Storms.

    This challenge took me WAY too long to beat because of the amount of money I needed. If you want to beat this with everything on the screen before 100, use 50 Cash Drops. I did that by playing #ouch 40 times on Hard. So, I made more rewards.

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  • BP101697
    This challenge has been completed, but the name sent to NK team is wrong.
    Code: MZODVXB
    Challenge Name (Correction): Frowny Seas
    Off The Coast, Hard, Alternated Bloons Rounds
    5000 Starting Cash
    Rounds: 18-35
    1 life
    Restrictions: Primary towers, Buccaneers, Ace, Sniper 2-3-2, Sub, Heli Pilot, Mortar, and Magic Monkeys 1-2-1, All Supports are 0-1-0
    Bloons Move 50% Faster
    Ceramics have 25% more health

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  • BP101697
    Drop suggestion here. Never completed challenge
    Cave Rush (BTD6 Version)
    Track: Underground
    Mode: Hard, Impoppable (Lives: 1)
    Starting Cash: 2050
    Rounds: 7-47
    Bloons and MOABs Speed: 150%, Ceramics Health: 75%, MOABs Health: 100%
    Towers: Sniper Monkey, Ice Monkey, Village, Farm
    (4 of each, 10 max)

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  • Salmon
    commented on 's reply
    I'll see what I can do. Thank you!

  • Inaheim
    The link in the OP to the form doesn't include the new hero or map that were just added. Is there a way we can update that? Thanks

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  • Flagred
    Challenge name : The Two
    Difficulty : Standard Hard

    Map name : Streambed

    Ban : Monkey knowledge, selling Tower, Use of continues, use of power

    Starting life :1
    Maximum life :1

    Starting cash :750

    Starting round - End round : 10 - 20

    Heroes : no heroes

    Max global tower count : 2
    ​​​​​​Restricted tower : Monkey bucc, heli pilot, monkey ace, mortar, banana farm, spike factory, monkey village, super monkey ( the tower that did no been ban can only maximum build one times only, no duplication of same tower)

    Tested : Yes and Pass the level

    Reward : 250 Monkey money
    Boomerang 0-2-0

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  • The Supermonkey
    Going to give DC making another shot with the release of the new editor. I would ask NK not to change my challenges if they are selected because quite a bit of time and effort has gone into balancing them for the extreme difficulty I know and love. If anyone wants to try them out the codes are:

    GZBDTMF - no permaspike allowed but I can't put this in the challenge

    Be warned the second one is quite challenging, but the first one is more relaxed.
    Last edited by The Supermonkey; 06-03-19, 04:00 AM.

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  • qwertyxp2000
    Daily Challenge: Hell From Above!
    Towers: Churchill, Glue, Sub, Ace, Heli, Mortar
    Map: Firing Range
    Difficulty: Impoppable
    Rounds: 6-90
    Tower limits: None
    Reward: 0-2-0 Mortar and 100 MM
    Tested?: Yes, without Monkey Knowledge confirmed to beat up to Round 90

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  • BP101697
    Frozen Fair
    Use only one tower of each (except ice monkeys) to pass rounds 61-95 Impoppable. $20000 starting cash.
    Map: Frozen Over
    Mode: Impoppable
    Towers: All available
    Cash: $20000
    Lives: 1
    Max per class: Unlimited for ice monkeys, but 1 for others
    No Monkey Knowledge Applied
    Reward: 0|3|2 Ice monkey and xxx MM

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  • Super Tails
    Near and Far Revamped

    Note: Based off the daily challenge of the same name from BTD5, use only towers with short range and long range.

    Track: Cracked
    Difficulty: Hard
    Mode: N/A (normal hard mode)
    Towers: Tack Shooter, Druid, Sniper Monkey, Mortar Monkey, Super Monkey
    Hero: None
    Reward: 175 Monkey Money, 1 Super Monkey Storm

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  • XxTee4
    title: the big and scary pass
    advanced challenge
    track: haunted
    towers:ice 3, farm 10, village 2, alchemist 1
    hero: none
    starting health: 40000
    starting cash:10000
    rounds 30-70
    slower moabs
    double health moabs
    reward: Moab mine, 0-3-1 bomb

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  • HectorGamer41
    Merry Popmas
    The bloons have took christmas just like how the grinch did! It is your job to get it back!

    Type: Advanced Challenge
    Challenge for: December 25, 2018
    Track:Frozen Over

    Starting Health:125
    Max Health:175

    Monkey Knowledge:Banned
    Towers: Dart Monkey (10), Monkey Village (1)
    Max towers:11

    Reward 1-1-0 Mortar, 125 MM

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