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    Title: Camo?
    Tested: Yes
    Map: Cubism
    Towers: Druids, Bombs, Farms, Ice, Tack Shooters
    Hero: Benjamin
    Rounds: 1-100
    Mode: Medium, Standard
    Reward: 100 MM, level 4 farm.


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      Title: Hell From Above!
      Map: Firing Range
      Towers: Mortars, Subs, Aces, Bombs
      Hero: Churchill
      Rounds: 3-80
      Mode: Hard, Standard
      Reward: 100 MM, 0-2-0 Mortar
      Tested?: Yes
      If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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        Title: In the (normal?) water
        Tested?: Yes
        Map: Haunted
        Towers: 3 Buccaneer, 1 Sub
        Hero: None
        Rounds: 1-60
        Mode: Medium, Reverse
        Reward: 150 MM, 3-0-0 Buccaneer
        My opinion on BTD5-->BTD6
        1st, you can't make 2d bloons go into a 3d tower.
        2nd, they might add those towers eventually.
        3rd, we have to wait. BTD6 has not had enough time to develop as BTD5 has.


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          Merry Popmas
          The bloons have took christmas just like how the grinch did! It is your job to get it back!

          Type: Advanced Challenge
          Challenge for: December 25, 2018
          Track:Frozen Over

          Starting Health:125
          Max Health:175

          Monkey Knowledge:Banned
          Towers: Dart Monkey (10), Monkey Village (1)
          Max towers:11

          Reward 1-1-0 Mortar, 125 MM


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            title: the big and scary pass
            advanced challenge
            track: haunted
            towers:ice 3, farm 10, village 2, alchemist 1
            hero: none
            starting health: 40000
            starting cash:10000
            rounds 30-70
            slower moabs
            double health moabs
            reward: Moab mine, 0-3-1 bomb


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              Near and Far Revamped

              Note: Based off the daily challenge of the same name from BTD5, use only towers with short range and long range.

              Track: Cracked
              Difficulty: Hard
              Mode: N/A (normal hard mode)
              Towers: Tack Shooter, Druid, Sniper Monkey, Mortar Monkey, Super Monkey
              Hero: None
              Reward: 175 Monkey Money, 1 Super Monkey Storm


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                Frozen Fair
                Use only one tower of each (except ice monkeys) to pass rounds 61-95 Impoppable. $20000 starting cash.
                Map: Frozen Over
                Mode: Impoppable
                Towers: All available
                Cash: $20000
                Lives: 1
                Max per class: Unlimited for ice monkeys, but 1 for others
                No Monkey Knowledge Applied
                Reward: 0|3|2 Ice monkey and xxx MM


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                  Daily Challenge: Hell From Above!
                  Towers: Churchill, Glue, Sub, Ace, Heli, Mortar
                  Map: Firing Range
                  Difficulty: Impoppable
                  Rounds: 6-90
                  Tower limits: None
                  Reward: 0-2-0 Mortar and 100 MM
                  Tested?: Yes, without Monkey Knowledge confirmed to beat up to Round 90
                  If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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                    Going to give DC making another shot with the release of the new editor. I would ask NK not to change my challenges if they are selected because quite a bit of time and effort has gone into balancing them for the extreme difficulty I know and love. If anyone wants to try them out the codes are:

                    GZBDTMF - no permaspike allowed but I can't put this in the challenge

                    Be warned the second one is quite challenging, but the first one is more relaxed.
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                    The truth? You want the truth? But sir, you can't HANDLE the truth.


                    • Challenge name : The Two
                      Difficulty : Standard Hard

                      Map name : Streambed

                      Ban : Monkey knowledge, selling Tower, Use of continues, use of power

                      Starting life :1
                      Maximum life :1

                      Starting cash :750

                      Starting round - End round : 10 - 20

                      Heroes : no heroes

                      Max global tower count : 2
                      ​​​​​​Restricted tower : Monkey bucc, heli pilot, monkey ace, mortar, banana farm, spike factory, monkey village, super monkey ( the tower that did no been ban can only maximum build one times only, no duplication of same tower)

                      Tested : Yes and Pass the level

                      Reward : 250 Monkey money
                      Boomerang 0-2-0