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    End of the Road - Medium - standard

    Towers: Captain Churchill, Dart Monkey, Boomerange Thrower, Druid, Monkey Village.

    Rewards: 50 Monkey Money and a 0-0-0 insta dart monkey.


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      The Dry Water.
      Survive End of the road with only water based towers.
      NO heroes allowed.
      Medium-Reverse(or regular).
      Reward: 50MM and a Portable Lake.


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        Stuffed Monkey Challenge
        Pass rounds 26-65 on Hard with only non-vehicle monkey towers.
        Track:Spice Islands
        Towers: Dart Monkey, Boomerang Thrower, Ice Tower, Glue Gunner, Sniper Monkey, Wizard, Ninja, Alchemist, and Druid
        Rounds: 25-65
        Mode: Hard - Standard. No MK allowed
        Cash: $3000


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          Monkey Shortage

          Monkey Knowledge disabled
          1 Life only
          Rounds 1-63

          Track: Cracked
          Difficulty: Medium
          Mode: Normal (from round 1-63)
          Towers: Only tack shooters and monkey villages (No heroes)
          Rewards: 75MM and a 1/0/1 Tack Shooter

          Notes: This might require some selling/rebuying/micro to beat Round 63...
          "Story" (Because why not?): Monkey Village was invaded by the bloons after they had send out almost all there monkeys on another mission. (Similar to all camos challange in BTD5)
          You have to plant defences near there entrance at The Cracked to defend waves of bloons till backup arrives...


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            Mechanical Madness (Maybe not hard enough to qualify as an advanced challenge...)

            With the engineer away for the time being, use some of his old inventions to stop the bloons!

            Map: Another Brick
            Difficulty: Medium
            Mode: Normal
            Towers: Only Tack Shooters and Spike Factories
            Rewards: 50MM, Road Spikes, and a 2-2-0 Spike Factory


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              Another idea I had:

              Fat Feet

              Beat Spice Islands on Impoppable using only towers with large footprints.

              Map: Spice Islands
              Difficulty: Impoppable
              Mode: Normal
              Towers: Super Monkey, Monkey Village, Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, Banana Farm
              Reward: 2-2-0 Heli Pilot

              I chose this map because it always gave me trouble finding a good spot for towers with large footprints. There is hardly any landmass, so finding the right set of buildings to use is challenging. However, access to Super Monkeys and Heli Pilots can help a lot, so it isn't impossible.

              Extra Cash will be necessary to afford the starting building without enough Monkey Knowledge.
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                God fights on the side with the best alchemist

                Track: High Finance
                Difficulty: Hard
                Mode: CHIMPS
                Towers: 3xDart, 1xNinja, 1xChurchill, 1xSub, 3xAlchemist, 1xSupermonkey, 1xSpactory, 1xSniper
                Reward: Up to you, but I'd say this is one of my harder challenges.

                [Notes about my suggestion] This was the setup I used to finally clinch the High Finance CHIMPS medal - the hardest I've ever done. Took me a few days to figure everything out so I'd say this is a hard challenge but it might be a bit easier since the player will know all the towers involved. If this is accepted, I would highly recommend it be an advanced challenge with those tower number restrictions. I'm happy to provide a guide if required just PM me.
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                  Back to BTD5
                  Beating the First Map on both BTD5 and BTD6, Using only the towers from the previous game to win this challenge!
                  Map: Monkey Meadow
                  Mode: Medium / Standard
                  Towers: Dart Monkey, Tack Shooter, Boomerang Monkey, Bomb Tower, Ice Monkey, Glue Gunner, Sniper Monkey, Monkey Sub, Monkey Buccaneer, Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, Wizard Monkey, Super Monkey, Ninja Monkey, Banana Farm, Spike Factory, Monkey Village
                  Hero: None
                  Reward:100 MM, 0-0-0 Sniper Monkey


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                    Ultra Monkey!
                    Type:Advanced Challenge
                    Mode:Double HP MOABs
                    Monkey Knowledge: True
                    Starting Lives:1
                    Maximum Lives:1
                    Starting Cash:3000
                    Start Round:6
                    End Round: 100
                    Movement Speed: 100
                    MOAB HP: 200% (because of the mode)
                    Hero:no hero
                    Max Tower Count: inf
                    Towers Allowed:Super Monkey
                    Rewards:1-0-1 Super Monkey
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                      Originally posted by HectorGamer41 View Post
                      Starting Lives:1
                      Maximum Lives:1
                      Just my train of thought, but I don't think there is much of a point to having one life with monkey knowledge due to the mana shield.


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                        Forest fighters
                        hero: obyn greenfoot
                        towers: Druid and monkey town
                        map: tree stump
                        difficulty normal
                        Reward druid monkey or banana farm
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                          Nice challenges frds - I figured out all of them and I really like most of them.

                          Magic wall is a very novel idea I like it only hiccup is round 60 where you need to be a bit lucky with the wall of fire catching the ceramic kids from the BFB. BOOM! is very nice too I used two turbos and a spikestorm to hold off everything until round 60 and then sold for a permaspike - easy from there on. Paid promotion is very good.too but I haven't been able to do it without exiting and reloading - some of the rounds are a little unreliable. I wonder if your solution is 100% reliable. Key promotions are round 33 to see camos, 62 to get the anti-moab ability for the fortified MOABs, 67 must have level 13 hero and 74 must have level 14 hero.
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                            I still wish that we could suggest a specific reward themed around the challenge. That'd be cool.
                            If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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                              Shooting Gallery

                              Map: Firing Range
                              Mode: Normal
                              Towers: Sniper Monkeys and Banana Farms
                              Rewards: 2/3/0 Sniper Monkey, 1/1/0 Banana Farm

                              Special Rules:
                              No Money Knowledge
                              100 Starting Lives
                              Rounds 1-80


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                                Where’d My Lollipop Buddy Go?
                                Pass Hedge on Easy to round 60 with only Spike Factory
                                Track: Hedge
                                Mode: Easy
                                Rounds: 1-60
                                No Monkey Knowledge
                                Towers: Spike Factory
                                Max per class: 3
                                Reward: Up to you