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Tree Stump, Medium Reverse - Jul 18, 2018

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  • frds
    Originally posted by Mathgodpi View Post
    Note: Thread title should be July 18 not 17.
    Oops. Is there any way I can change the title? It won't let me edit it. I'd like to say Town Center as well...

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  • lla26
    I actually solved the Town Center version without Mana Shield or Extra Lives (currently on rank 72 and still haven't got them). Ended up with 4 boats (2 4/0/2, 1 0/4/2, and 1 0/3/2), and 4/2/0 glue at the start of the track. Not actually hard IMO.

    Difficulty: 4/10
    Enjoyability: 6/10

    Now, for the Tree Stump version...

    (On a side note, I was actually trying to go for The Bloon Solver, so I went to Freeplay mode. Got The Bloon Solver on 72, then finally lost all lives on 79.)

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  • Mathgodpi
    Here are my playthroughs of both versions; didn't use powers either time (though I did have extra cash and mana shield MK on the tree stump version)

    Also here if some of it is missing on yt

    Note: Thread title should be July 18 not 17.
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  • frds
    Thanks for the response

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  • TarnNK
    There was actually a bug that made this Daily Challenge on Tree Stump instead of Town Center. It should be fixed now.
    Great job frds! This was a really tough challenge without using powers

    To answer your original question. I personally test mine without MK.

    Don't worry, we have noticed the community begging for harder challenges. It won't go unnoticed.

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  • Rin Jackson
    Originally posted by BP101697 View Post
    I get Town Center map instead.
    That's what I've got now too, but the first time I loaded it, I got Tree Stump

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  • BP101697
    I get Town Center map instead.

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  • frds
    started a topic Tree Stump, Medium Reverse - Jul 18, 2018

    Tree Stump, Medium Reverse - Jul 18, 2018

    EDIT: The challenge was originally on Tree Stump instead of Town Center. NK's statement:
    Tree Stump Town Center Medium Reverse, Glue Gunners, Buccaneers, and Villages.

    Beaten No-Powers, but with a lot of knowledge. Solution:
    DISCLAIMER: This WILL NOT WORK without the following knowledge: Mana Shield, $200 starting cash, and possibly others. I'm level 112.

    * 2/0/0->2/0/1 glue, last (front of map)
    * 2nd glue to 2/0/0 (above village)
    * village 1/1/0
    * 2 more 2/1/0 glues (below village)
    * before 29 sell a glue, front glue to 3/1/0
    * village to 0/2/0
    * lower glue to 2/2/0
    * 4th glue 2/1/0

    pre-40 pic:

    * for 40 sell spatter and village, front glue to 4/1/0
    * once MOAB is glued sell 4/1/0 glue, buy 4/1/0 glue by stump [here](

    * after 40 sell liquifier, rebuy village 0/0/1
    * rebuy front glue 3/2/0, last
    * village to 0/2/1
    * glue below village to 3/2/0
    * rebuy glue by stump 3/1/0
    * after 49 sell the glue below village
    * front glue to 4/2/0, strong
    * glue by stump to 4/1/0
    * glue above village to 3/2/0
    * glue by stump to 4/2/0

    pre-60 pic: (

    * before 60 sell everything, buy a village 5/0/0 [here](

    * Win

    I'd like to take the opportunity to tell Ninja Kiwi:

    Thank you for the hard challenge - I enjoyed solving it. However, I'd like clarification on whether challenges are intended/tested with or without Monkey Knowledge. I believe knowledge is required to complete this.

    Please don't take the hate from this exceptionally difficult (without knowledge) challenge as a message that all DCs should be easy. Please.
    Last edited by frds; 18-07-18, 04:43 AM. Reason: Added info on Town Center