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    Originally posted by Hoopy Froodle View Post
    I tried to create a new challenge based on one created in version 9.1 (BZCBDRY), intending to update it. I confirmed the previous one still works. ...
    The old one no longer works. I feel better now.


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      BTD6 offers three levels of challenges: Daily, Advanced, and Friday Stinger. The Challenge Editor (the best thing since Monkey Aces, IMHO) offers four: Easy, Medium, Hard, Stinger. When the editor came out, I rated original challenges roughly according to the scale:
      • Easy: Any newbie can do it.
      • Medium: A clever beginner with Tier 3 or 4 upgrades has a good chance to figure it out.
      • Hard: An experienced player can eventually figure it out with a bit of effort.
      • Stinger: Seemingly impossible.
      However, for the past month or two, often as not on Advanced (non-Stinger) challenges, I convince myself I’ve tried every possible option, and none of them work. Now, maybe I’m the only one with this problem, and I’m just not as smart as I thought I was. Otherwise there’s been some serious creep, so that Stinger is the new norm.

      I’ve since adjusted my scale to define Hard as “Seemingly impossible”, Medium as “An experienced player can figure it out”, etc. I’m second-guessing whether this was the right response. Is it better to adjust expectations to the times, or push for a return to old norms?