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  • BTD6 Daily Challenges Forum

    Made this forum for the discussion of daily challenges.

    You can post threads each for specific challenges to discuss them, or post suggestions if you so desire.
    Currently we're not ready to set up much in the way of user suggested challenges, but it will likely happen in future.

    Currently, our daily challenge system is very simplistic compared to the current one in BTD5
    We are only able to:
    • Restrict hero choice
    • Disable heroes
    • Disable specific towers (But not specific upgrades)
    • Select any specific game difficulty or sub mode on any map

    This will be expanded upon later but most likely after initial balance changes have settled down quite a lot, as we don't want to create a whole lot of extremely specific challenges early on that will be impossible to redo in the future.

    If you wish to post the challenge of the day, please use this format

    A Guide to Creating the Thread for a Daily Challenge.

    If there is no set title should be "Track Name, Difficulty, Sub-mode - Date" DO NOT USE A PREFIX

    Put the description if there is one (not optional) of the Daily Challenge and a summary type thing (optional) like so;

    Track: Track Name
    Difficulty: Difficulty
    Mode: Whatever sub-mode if one is set
    Towers: Towers available.

    You can format that however you want/how it would work best for any particular challenge.

    After that it's your space to start the discussion or contribute something awe inspiring.

    For example; the thread for the daily challenge for July 24th:

    Cracked, Medium, Reverse - July 24, 2018

    Towers restricted to Obyn, Druid, Alchemist, Buccaneer on Cracked Reverse

    Track: Cracked
    Difficulty: Medium
    Mode: Reverse
    Towers: Obyn, Druid, Alchemist, Buccaneer

    [SAMPLE AWE INSPIRATION] This was way too easy and I beat it with nothing but my hero, Ninja Kiwi should do my challenge tomorrow from here


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    The long awaited subforum is finally here. Thanks Rohan!
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      Glad to see a more organized place to discuss DCs.


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        Here we go. And yeah, it's a guarantee a lot of buffs would be happening that could make use of the framework that BTD6's structure provides as a buffer against beeswax.


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          I know hard challenges are very expensive to create, test and balance but fortunately BTD6 had some very dedicated fans who don't mind doing this sort of thing. So here are two of suggestions that have already been tested and played by the more experienced players. You might like to use them for DCs:

          1. #OUCH deflation using villages, snipers, subs, ninjas and buccaneers. Name: James's first
          2. Muddy Puddles deflation using villages, snipers, subs, ninjas and buccaneers. Name: Long-range popping powers.

          Both have been tested with all monkey knowledge unlocked but I think it can be done without (I can't disable it so I can't test it) . I ask that if you adopt my suggestions that they not be changed in any way without my consultation. I am happy to provide a guide if you need it for testing and verification purposes, just private message me. My challenges are not for the faint of heart and might not be very accessible to newer players. I have a few more well tested and balanced challenges that I can suggest when the DC system allows specific upgrades to be disabled, but I'll wait until then.
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          • TarnNK
            TarnNK commented
            Editing a comment
            I enjoyed James's first challenge a lot! Thanks. I should mention it's possible without MK and Powers. I've yet to try Long-range popping powers.

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          Are DCs Vaults planned for BTD 6? Also, will they come with separate achievements (like in BTD 5)?


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            May we have a Daily Challenge suggestions thread soon?
            If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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              Welcome Tarn and qwerty, Rohan did encourage people to suggest here in his OP. Just finished testing another challenge you might like (with full monkey knowledge - but I think it can be done without):

              Town Center Hard with only subs and buccaneers. Title: A small snag

              Once again, not for the faint of heart. I am happy to write a guide to help you with testing and verification if necessary just pm me. Please do not change if adopted.
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              The truth? You want the truth? But sir, you can't HANDLE the truth.


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                Maybe we make a page called "Daily Challenge Suggestions - Post Suggestions Here" or some similar name for clarfication.
                If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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                  Challenge suggestion: Spice Islands on Hard, Allowed Towers: Ice, Quincy, Heli Pilot, Dart Monkey, Banana Farm.


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                    When can we play those historical challenges?


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                      Can I suggest a new rule? No RNG based challenges! Beating a challenge should require strategic thinking, not the patience to keep banging your head against the wall until the game decides to let you win.


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                        I'd like to second the above poster's comments. If you look at various forums and the YouTube solution videos for advanced challenges like today's, you'll see a flood of complaints about how it's an RNG-heavy challenge. That's not a challenge, IT'S JUST BAD! If that's all you can put out, please just stop putting out challenges at all because pretty much nobody likes these RNG ones, even the people who put out solutions to them every day. Tower defence games are first and foremost about strategy, not about whether the game feels like letting you win that time. Solutions that rely heavily on things like random number generators, pixel-fine placement, or buying and selling towers rapidly in mid-round (or during continuous rounds) are simply bad tower defence design to my mind, and clearly, a lot of other people's.


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                          On the off chance that a given solution is not RNG and everyone just missed it, you should consider putting out a video of your own after each challenge is over, showing the RNG-free solution.


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                            I tried to create a new challenge based on one created in version 9.1 (BZCBDRY), intending to update it. I confirmed the previous one still works. When I run with exactly the same parameters, using exactly the same strategy, 100+ RBEs get through on round 40. I tried running the same setup in sandbox, and that also fails. Apparently something has changed. The oddest part is that the old one still works.

                            I looked through the release notes ( for anything relevant. All I found was, "2xx Advanced Intel no longer waits until the center pixel of blimps comes into radius before attacking". If anything, it sounds like that should make it easier, not harder.

                            I won't lose any sleep over this, but it's a curiosity. ‚Äč
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