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Coop Suggestion (Editable Coop Challenge and more)

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  • Coop Suggestion (Editable Coop Challenge and more)

    Small idea launched here, but wouldn't it be awesome to be able to create our own coop challenge, instead of always getting the same coop maps with the same pattern.

    (Editable Coop Challenge)
    One game on two, I always get 1 or few ppls that leave the game because they don't like the map or are already bored. I feel like it could bring just about more challenge for them and I to be able to produce a goal that isn't always preparing for level 40 with few less resources because teamates want to spend on anti-bloon more than anti-moab or another always builds 3-4 farms before figuring out defenses need to be invested as much. So, we could force the choice of towers, eliminate some,
    - On this point, and this is a more generic request from me, but it would be cool to edit some waves by adding or removing some bloons, but I understand this can be a lot of programing.

    (A big reserve of Emotes)
    Sometimes, it's hard to point out the lvl 63, because there are a lot of ceramics, but there's no precise emote for it (except the one with 3 bloons in it, but it's not very accurate). Or is it.. you want to tell your teamate to build an Alchemist monkey, or maybe a sub? Or maybe you want him to sell his free dart monkey, because it's taking an important spot, or using up the Alchemist's potion instead of the relevant monkeys when the timing is bad. So, there's a lot more that could be useful for these cases.

    (More Money per poping)
    Couldn't it be challenging that the player doing the actual pop (or at least downgrading bloons by hitting them) could get more money for it? It would stimulate the players to pop more, than always trying to bring in their Benjamin in almost every game (proove me wrong on this, but i'm betting some people who don't bring him do so because they're bored of always using it). For a guy that brings Captain Churchill... poor guy. I mean yes, he can request for money, but sometimes it may get perceived as begging (the absence of emotes for declaring intentions make it darker to understand what for), and pretending that now one wants to share, his Churchill is barely lvl 3-4 when the first moab appears. He's gonna regret it even more at lvl 80 when the game is already over.

    (Choosing the build area)
    Ok we each get our zone to build. But what If I brought Admiral Brickell and can't place it on a relevant spot on a splited map? It would sound neat to be able at the start of a game to request a build zone, and whatever the outcomes ends up as, tied request will be delivered randomly (while the third and forth guy don't care and just take what's left, add it as an option to have whatever is left).