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Mastery Mode [New Difficulty and Variants]

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  • Mastery Mode [New Difficulty and Variants]

    Mastery mode is a new game mode for BTD6 with a brand new set of challenges as well as more popping madness! Here's what you can you expect:
    • Brand new set of bloon rounds created from scratch (more difficult than Alternate Bloon Rounds)
    • Mastery requires Round 100 to complete (except Round 80 for Apocalypse+, and Round 120 for All Star)
    • 6 New variants and Medals to be obtained
    • Moab class bloons appearing at earlier rounds
    • Freeplay Rules kicking in at Round 70 and health/speed progresses slightly faster than standard Freeplay. (Round 100 in Mastery would be equivalent to Round 115 on Hard Difficulty)
    • Hard difficulty speeds and tower costs.
    • Reduced income per pop and cash penalties occuring at earlier rounds than normal (to be discussed).
    • Monkey knowledge is almost an asset to get through these challenges.
    • Double Cash mode still effective, but only works for first 50 Rounds.
    • Brand new Mastery knowledge to obtain from completing Mastery games.
    • Co-Op Mastery exists, but no medals are awarded, and is exclusive to private matches. Can only select from unlocked tracks and variants from Singleplayer. One Mastery Knowledge point is awarded for completing 10 games of Co-Op Mastery.
    • Beating Round 300 in the All-Star variant has a 10% chance of awarding the player with a tier 5 Insta-Monkey. Maximum 1 per month.
    How do I unlock Mastery Mode?
    • Reach at least level 90
    • Have all Tower Upgrades fully unlocked.
    • Have at least one Easy, one Medium, and one Hard medal on all existing single player tracks
    • Have beaten all hard variant challenges (including chimps) from that difficulty set of tracks (e.g. Completing all Hard Challenges on all Beginner Tracks unlocks Beginner Mastery). Black chimps medal is not a requirement.
    • The previous Mastery must be unlocked before the next Mastery can be unlocked (e.g. no Intermediate Mastery before Beginner Mastery)
    • Can alternatively be unlocked via in-app purchase (Step 1 and 5 still apply. Track Difficulty sets bought separately)
    What variants of Mastery are available?
    • Standard: Default and Regular Mastery mode gameplay. Hard Mode Lives, Tower Costs, and bloon speeds apply.
    • Fortified Terror: All bloons with a fortified variant are now fortified. Moab class bloons are immune to defortifying (DDT's can still have their camo stripped). Requires Standard
    • DDT Rush: Standard Mastery, but DDT's appear in earlier rounds, and appear more frequently. Requires Fortified Terror
    • Apocalypse+: Same as Apocalypse from Medium, but at hard difficulty speeds and prices, as well as harder bloons appearing at earlier rounds than usual. Requires Standard
    • Impoppable+: Same as Impoppable from Hard, but with Mastery rounds and rules. Round 100 has been given a Buff. Requires Apocalypse+
    • CHIMPS+ (Challenges Only): Same rules as CHIMPS from Hard, but with Mastery rounds and rules. Exclusive to challenges, and cannot be played normally as a variant like the other variants due to it being virtually impossible to complete in unmodified form.
    • All Star: Standard Mastery, but no Continues, no Health Lost, limited Powers, no Saving, forced Auto-Start, and the game keeps playing when paused. Only one Power every 10 rounds. Tier 4 and 5 insta monkeys require beating Round 80 and 120 respectively. Requires Round 120 to complete. Round 120 and 300 are custom to All-Star. Requires both Impoppable+ and DDT Rush.
    What is Mastery Knowledge?
    • An extension to the existing Monkey Knowledge with further buffs to get through the tracks easier.
    • Requires all monkey knowledge from one class branch to be complete.
    • One Master Knowlege Point is given upon first time completion of Mastery. Then requires beating every variant from that one track. Can also be awarded from a few achievements.
    Why does BTD6 Need Mastery?
    • Adds more replay value to the game (BTD6 is already A+ in this category)
    • Adds a new depth of possibilities for developing new defense strategies
    • For when hard difficulty becomes too easy to play
    I'm just saying out loud what I would like to see in a Mastery Mode for Bloons TD 6. BTD 5 Has Mastery, but lacks color and has no variants. What do you guys think. What would you like to see in Bloons TD 6 for a Mastery Mode?
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    I love this idea, a new difficulty mode could certainly spice the game up and give a lot of replayability given its unlock conditions. Specially so since it's not just "Hard mode, but harder", it has a bunch of new unlockables and cool reasons to try and unlock/beat it.